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Year 3 - Gondor

Welcome to Gondor
 We are year 3
 Our teacher is Mrs Lancaster and our teaching assistant is Mrs Douglass. 

Gondor Information


Thank you for an amazing experience

​​​​​​Gondor's Sunflower 🌻1m 4cm





🌻Gondor's Sunflower = 92cm 🌻

A special visitor

Gondor's Sunflower 🌻22.6.23🌻

🌻Gondor's Sunflower = 62cm🌻

We Are Division Superstars

I know All Of The Times Tables

We Know Our 8 Times Tables

Fandor Day - Roman Maths

Fandor Day - Joining the Roman Army

"Fandor Day" Building Hadrian's Wall

Gondor's Sunflower = 46cm


Gondor's Sunflower

Summer 2

Upperby Primary School - Artwork at the Railway Station

Summer 1

I am a TTRS Rock Hero

Art Work For A Display At The Railway Station

We Are All Times Tables Superstars 🤗

UPS - Class Sunflower Competition

Science - Can I explain what happens when light hits an object?

Times Tables Superstars

Well done to Gondor's Gymnasts

Coronation Party Time

Coronation Assembly

Coronation Celebrations

I know my 6 Times Tables

Times Tables Superstars - We know all of our Times Tables 🤗

Art - Tints and Shades

P.E- Tennis

Science Light and Shadows

I know all the Times Tables

Times Tables Superstars

I know my 6 Times Tables

I know my 12 Times Tables