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Year 2 - Camelot

Welcome to Camelot!

Our Class Teacher is Miss Wilson and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Chandler and Mrs Garcia. Please visit our class page regularly to find out about our learning and see all of the great things we do in Camelot Class!

This year we will be learning...

Start & Finish Times





Fred the Frog puppet helps us with our Read Write Inc lessons. Fred is only able to speak in sounds, not whole words. We call this Fred Talk. 

For example, Fred would say s-a – t we would say sat. Fred talk helps children read unfamiliar words by pronouncing each sound in the word one at a time. Children can start blending sounds into words as soon as they know a small group of letters well. 

During lessons children are taught to hear sounds and blend them together in sequence to make a word. We start with blending oral sounds, then progress to reading the letters and blending them together to read the word. 

The following video is an example of blending sounds with Fred. 

The information below shows the sound, the associated phrase and example green words. 

Vowel sound Set 2

Speed Sound     Rhyme                                             Green words

ay                       ay: may I play                                   day play say may tray today

ee                      ee: what can you see?                     seen need sleep feel three green

igh                     igh: fly high                                        might light sight night fright

ow                     ow: blow the snow                            snow flow know show blow

oo                      oo: poo at the zoo                            mood fool pool stool moon spoon

oo                     oo: look at a book                             took shook cook foot

ar                      ar: start the car                                 bar park smart sharp car spark

or                      or: shut the door                               sort short worn horse sport fork

air                     air: that’s not fair                               fair stair hair lair chair

ir                       ir: whirl and twirl                                girl third whirl twirl dirt

ou                    ou: shout it out                                   mouth round found loud shout

oy                     oy: toy for a boy                                   toy boy enjoy

Set 3

Speed Sound        Rhyme

a-e                         a-e: make a cake                            shake name same save brave late

ea                          ea: cup of tea                                  neat real clean please dream

i-e                         i-e: nice smile                                  hide shine white nice wide like

o-e                        o-e: phone home                            hope home rose spoke note those

u-e                        u-e: huge brute                               tune rude use June excuse

aw                         aw: yawn at dawn                            saw raw law straw dawn crawl

are                       are: care and share                          bare bare spare scare flare square

ur                         ur: nurse with a purse                     burn turn hurl burp slurp lurk

ow                        ow: brown cow                                 howl down brown drown gown

oi                         oi: spoil the boy                                join coin voice choice noise

ai                         ai: snail in the rain                           paint train rain plain strain

e                          e:                                                        he me she we he me she we he

oa                        oa: goat in a boat                             toad road oak loaf throat toast

ew                       ew: chew the stew                            new knew flew blew crew newt

er                        er: better letter                                 over never weather hamster after

ire                       ire: fire fire                                        spire bonfire inspire conspire hire

ear                      ear: hear with your ear                    fear dear gear spear year

ure                      ure: sure it’s pure                             picture mixture adventure pure

Click the link below to hear how to pronounce the sounds correctly.


Children are given a number of pieces to embed key skills and explore new learning. Children will need...

A reasonably peaceful, suitable place do homework.

 Help from parents to follow and complete activities.

 A chance to develop independence gradually.

Value placed on homework to make it clear to pupils that parents value homework.

Praise and encouragement to complete and try challenges.

The homework we set is in line with our school homework policy.

Parent support with this is greatly appreciated as all help will benefit your child to make good progress across the curriculum.

Top tips!

Homework should not be a fight between parent and child so please set a timer and at the end of the timer take a break or come back to it another day.

  • Spelling - copy the word into the correct box. For example drop would be written in the p box because it has one for the p sound. Dropping would be copied into the pp box because it has two for the sound.


  • Reading comprehension - If your child struggles with the reading, feel free to read it to them or take it in turns to read a little each. Parents can support with the answers to the questions too.


  • Maths - start with the questions your child is familiar with and try one other that you know that find difficult. Aim to build this up over time.

Please pop to see us for support with the questions if you need it.

Physical Education & Active Play

Our PE days are Mondays and Fridays. Children will have an indoor session and outdoor session. Please make sure they have correct and suitable PE kit with them all week.

Sometimes changes happen and so we would like PE kit's kept in school all week so children are always organised and prepared for their lessons.

Look at for photographs of your children enjoying a PE lesson or taking part in Active Play sessions. 

Thank you!

Spring Term

Making bug hotels in science

Autumn 2

After recapping key historical information about Bonfire night, Guy Faukes and the Gunpowder plot,  Camelot class watched Fireman Sam's fire safety videos and discussed the dangers and how to keep safe near a bonfire and fireworks. Then we created beautiful firework pictures using chalk and oil pastels.

Firework pictures

Art - Exploring tone to make colourful 3D planets.

Autumn 1


Wow! What a fantastic start to the year! Lots of fun packed lessons and keen learners! Well done Camelot! We are so proud of you!

Carlisle Castle & Tullie House (2)

Carlisle Castle & Tullie House (1)

Gymnastics- building a sequence

Stay & play - Cauliflower Christmas cards

Smart schools council - class meeting discussing the options in groups.

We love PE in Camelot!

Science - exploring different food groups

ENGLISH - Little Red READING Hood conscience ally - Red walking through the alley as parents call out commands - "Don't stray from the path....Never talk to strangers..... Watch out for the big, bad wolf"

More reading all around school!

Computing - Technology in our school

Science - predicting and carrying out a fair test to find the most fatty crisps.

Fun reading all around school! Where do you like to read?

PE balancing partner work

Exploring balances

PSHE - We are all special and unique!

A super start to Year 2