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Spring 1

Week 4

This week we were busy in Art making our own clay sculptures. We based these on the work of Kathe Kollowitz whose work we had studied last week. First we had to draw our own portraits - which we did upside down! Then we created a sculpture based on them out of clay. 

Week 3

We have been busy reading Macbeth in class and discovering Macbeth's murderous ways and the wicked predictions of the three witches. When we discovered that King Duncan had been murdered we started to interview suspects for our newspaper reports. Some lucky individuals were put into the hot seat and had to protest their innocence against our roving reporters!

Week 2

This week we enjoyed a visit to Carlisle Library. The library staff showed us how they find books in both the reference section and the fiction sections using different codes. We had to complete a scavenger hunt for certain books, went on a tour of the library and also had a chance to explore and read some really good books!

Week 1

In Computing we have started to learn how to code using Turtle Academy and Python. It's quite difficult so first we had a go at trying to give our partner instructions. We had to instruct them to draw what was on the board, even though they couldn't see!! We quickly found that we needed to be really specific with our instructions to make the drawing work.