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Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Upperby Primary School, we have always valued and recognised the importance of supporting our children to be happy, healthy resilient individuals who can cope with life’s challenges.  All of our staff work hard to support the mental health and well-being of all the children and adults in our school community.  We aim to take away the stigma and negativity and help our pupils and families to talk openly.

Please use this page to help you find out about how our school supports your child’s mental health and to access resources and support for any concerns you may have about a child’s mental health.

Our School’s Designated Mental Health Ambassadors are:
Mrs Burns (Acting Headteacher) Mrs Chandler (Acting Deputy Headteacher & SENCO)
Miss Wilson (KS1 Phase leader & PSHE Subject Lead) Mrs Chan (Pastoral Support)


If you need help with Child Mental Health

It may be that your child is currently displaying: low mood, worry, social anxiety, separation anxiety, panic, obessesions or compulsions.  You may be experiencing mental health issues yourself and are conscious that this may be impacting upon your child or children.    

If you feel you child or children would benefit from support within school, please do contact us.

Carlisle Mental Health Support Team

We are lucky enough to be able to access support from Carlisle for both our children and their families if they require extra support.