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KidSafe UK Registered School

Upperby Primary has been a KidSafe registered school since 2012.

The primary purpose of the programme is 'to equip participating children with effective skills to keep themselves safe from the various forms of child abuse without shattering their innocence'.  All KidSafe programmes contribute significantly to PSHE, RSE and KCSiE.

KidSafe UK Children’s Mental Health & Safeguarding is proactive, not reactive.

It educates children directly and empowers them to speak out to a trusted grown-up about anything that is having a detrimental impact on their mental health and emotional well-being and can help break cycles associated childhood trauma.

We deliver the programme to Year 2 or 3 children, with 'age-appropriate messages being taught through songs, games, actions, puppetry and group discussions'. 

Our KidSafe tutors are Miss Wilson and Mr Garratt.

We teach children to recognise when something just doesn’t feel right. We call these yukky feelings.

We teach children to respond to yukky feelings by –

  • Saying no in uncomfortable situations
  • Walking away from the problem
  • Talking to a trusted adult

Some of the following issues are covered: bullying, access to age-appropriate DVDs/video games, internet safety and keeping their bodies safe.