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General Information

Curriculum Intent 

At Upperby Primary School we see every child as a unique individual with capacity to thrive and be successful.  We deliver an inclusive, creative, challenging curriculum that builds on prior knowledge and develops cultural capital.  A curriculum that is rich in written and spoken language, develops critical thinking, deepens understanding and enables children to develop positive attitudes to learning which encourages them to aspire to achieve highly.  

All pupiles are entitiled to a quality education that will enable them to achieve their potential.  We believe in removing barriers to learning, raising expectations and levels of achievement and working in partnership with other agencies in order to provide a positive educational experience for all pupils including those with a special educational need or disability.  

By the time our Year 6 children leave they are secondary ready and have the foundation to develop into happy, successful and responsible citizens in the future.

To support our learning we have a series of curriculum drivers: 

  • Have high aspirations 
  • Respect ourselves and the whole school community 
  • Develop effective listening and communication skills 
  • Develop emotional and physical wellbeing.

High aspirations

High aspirations within the curriculum enable children to strive to be responsible and resilient adults in the future.  Encouraging ownership of their education, we will seize opportunities to identify strengths and talents in order to develop skills in the wider curriculum.   Visits and visitors to school, provide opportunities to influence pupils’ aspirations, encouraging children to connect to the wider world

Respect for ourselves and the whole school community

Respect for all is pivotal to our curriculum; educating our children to be tolerant and valued members of the community.  Our children  are expected to develop their own set of values and challenge negative opinions and actions, recognising diversity, respecting other’s viewpoints and developing tolerance of others outside of their community. 

Develop effective listening and communication skills

Our passion to develop a love of language weaves through our curriculum.  A rich vocabulary is embedded through all subjects alongside the development of  listening and communication skills. Pupil voice is actively encouraged and celebrated through a range of mediums.

Develop emotional and physical wellbeing

Our curriculum has a clear focus upon emotional wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.  From Reception we strive to ensure our children have the vocabulary to feel confident sharing their thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Our curriculum ensures children have access to a variety of activities that will develop both their physical strength, mental health and self -esteem.

Curriculum Implenentation 

Subject Leadership

The role of the subject leader is pivotal in the successful implementation of our curriculum, driving excellence in delivery and pupil engagement. Dedicated leaders are responsible for the design, implementation and impact of their subject area. We expect all subject leaders to have the knowledge, expertise and practical skills to lead their areas of responsibility successfully. Leaders at all levels, including Governors, rigorously monitor teaching and learning, holding staff to account for high standards in all subjects.  


In order to deliver a challenging, relevant curriculum which engages children, our staff access high quality CPD within and beyond their subject specific areas of leadership.   As members of the National College of Teaching, National Safety On-Line and other relevant subject associations, staff use research-based evidence to ensure best practice to deliver high quality teaching and learning. Staff seize opportunities to visit schools beyond our local area which continues to raise expectations for all and broaden educational horizons.


The curriculum is carefully mapped out to ensure that pupils acquire knowledge, vocabulary and skills in a well-thought out and progressive manner in every curriculum subject, ensuring sufficient coverage across each subject over time.  New learning is based upon what has been taught before and prepares pupils not only for the next stages of learning but ensures they acquire effective learning behaviours for lifelong education.  


The teaching and acquisition of reading skills is prioritised to allow pupils to access the full curriculum.  We want every child to be a confident, fluent reader, who has a love of the written word.  We rigorously use the Read, Write Inc programme for the teaching of early reading skills, ensuring children quickly learn to decode text. We use the Accelerated Reader Programme and guided reading to develop inference and vocabulary.  


Our writing curriculum is derived around a range of high-quality, age-appropriate texts and short films. Each stimulus is adapted by the teachers and used for a range of different opportunities, including writing, drama and oracy.   We expect all our children to apply the acquired knowledge to record information across the entire curriculum.


Upperby Primary school uses White Rose Maths as the basis for all mathematical teaching in school. Pupils build on 'fluency' and move on to reasoning and problem solving, showing they can adapt concepts in different situations. Children are able to communicate their thinking to show they have fully mastered their learning. 

Foundation subjects 

To develop critical thinking skills we teach many foundation subjects through an enquiry based curriculum.  Other subjects are developed through skills progression.  All foundation subjects are progressive and clearly mapped  across the school.

Early Years teaching 

Upperby Primary School sees each child as a unique individual and this is our starting point in Reception.  The curriculum covers all aspects of the Early Years Curriculum, with a high priority on developing early reading skills.  The children develop independence and a fascination for learning.

Physical Education 

Active learning is central to a healthy lifestyle. Every child accesses a progressive and broad P.E curriculum.   Sport funding is targeted to develop a wider range of sports activities.  

PSHE and British Values

At Upperby Primary School we actively promote British Values and the social, spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at our school – they sit at the very heart of everything we do.  


Assessment is thoughtfully designed to shape future learning and is part of the working practices of every classroom.  Assessments are reliable and are moderated within and across local schools and through national benchmarking.  

Wider learning opportunities 

Upperby Primary school actively promotes wider learning opportunities.  Specialist teachers teach musical instruments and singing within Key Stage 2.  The Children’s University promotes learning opportunities beyond the school.  Residential trips to different cities and outdoor adventure centres widens children’s experiences beyond the local area.

Curriculum Impact

The impact of our curriculum can be seen in the children’s engagement and enthusiasm in their learning.  It is seen in the discussions with the children about their learning and the good learning behaviours they have acquired that will support lifelong learning.

We expect our children to develop their moral compass, so they can treat everyone with respect, tolerance and equality.  We ensure our children are able to decide what is right and what is wrong and be resilient to the influence of others.  We measure, this not just by the work they complete, but in the behaviours we see in school each day. 

Our children are unique and so is their learning journey.  Our staff guide, support and inspire our children to achieve their best during their time with us so that they are academically and physically prepared for the next stage in their learning.

If you would like to find out more about our school curriculum please speak to your child's class teacher.

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