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Autumn 2

Week 7

This week we were lucky enough to be visited by Mr and Mrs Aitken who came in to talk to us about WWII and brought lots of their items related to war with them. Both Mr and Mrs Aitken are part of a living history group and we really enjoyed learning some new facts about WWII. Did you know soldiers on the battlefield were given a ration pack of 4000 calories for 24 hours?

Week 6

This week we had our Stay and Play session which was themed around earthquakes. Along with our adults who came to help we had to create an earthquake-proof structure using marshmallows and cocktail sticks. They were then tested using jelly as our earthquake surface. There were some really strong buildings (and some not so strong) but ultimately we learnt that triangles are the way to strength! 

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Week 5

This week we continued our topic of earthquakes in Geography lesson. We learnt about seismographs which are devices that measure an earthquake's strength. Once we had discovered how the device worked we then had to create one of our own using things from around our classroom. Mrs Simpson then became our earthquake to test our structures!!

Week 4

This week we have started a new poetry unit in English lessons looking at Greg James and Chris Smith's poem The Hope-a-potamus. It's all about a hippo who really wants to find water. Despite his animal friends doubting him he eventually finds a watering hole to stop at because he doesn't give up hope! 

We were challenged to find the shape of the poem and then had to put all the verses back together in the right order. 

Week 2

This week we have been busy sewing poppies for Remembrance day. We practised sewing on a button and threading our needle - all skills that will be helpful in this half term's DT project. 

We have also completed our project work on an LGBT role model ready for the hall display - pictures to follow once it's up! We researched Freddie Mercury - we found out we like his songs already and enjoyed his sense of style too! 

Week 1 

This week we started the week with presentations of our WWII topic homework. We had Anderson shelters, blimps, stories and artwork galore! Well done to all of you on your fabulous homework and having the confidence to stand up and talk about it. 

We also started reading Philip Pullman's Clockwork in our English lessons. So far we have decided it's an eerie book, and we're not quite sure what is going to happen to Karl, the clockmaker's apprentice. We wrote brilliant descriptions of evil Dr Kalmenius though.