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Autumn 2

Learning from Autumn 2

Week 1

This week, we started many of our new topics and enquiries. 
We presented our project homework in the library - we are so proud of what we have achieved!

We created templates, cut out and sewed poppies to create a wreath, which will be laid at the cenotaph in Carlisle on Remembrance Day to show our respects. 

We learnt about gender stereotyping and the negative effects it can have on people.

We have considered what happens during different celebrations, both religious and non-religious, and what they have in common with each other. 

We started reading the book Clockwork and we absolutely love it - it's so twisted and dark! We loved describing Dr. Kalmenius.

Poppy Wreath

Project homework display

Children in Need

DT Sewing Project

Army equipment presentation

Pilates (when tennis is rained off)

Stay and Play - Pompom tree decorations.

Anti-bullying odd socks

We were so proud to win the attendance trophy!