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You Can Do It

Upperby Primary has been a YOU CAN DO IT school since 2002! We teach our children the 4 foundations of You Can Do It, that will help them to achieve to the best of their ability, both in school and in other areas of their lives.


The children earn 'You can do it' points, that are then converted into Upperby pounds each half term.  The children are then able to spend their Upperby pounds in the Upperby shop each half term.

CONFIDENCE the ability to believe in yourself, to work independently, have an optimistic outlook and recognise making mistakes as an important part of learning.


PERSISTENCE the ability to stick at a job until it is completed, even if it is difficult or "boring". It is the ability to work hard to achieve results.


ORGANISATION the ability to set goals and manage time effectively. It means being responsible for personal items and belongings in the classroom and playground.


GETTING ALONG the ability to mix well with others, to be tolerant and non-judgemental, to be able to think through problems independently and to follow the rules of the school and classroom.

By using all of the skills, children will develop EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE.



...being able to stop yourself from getting extremely angry, down or worried when something 'bad' happens...being able to calm down and feel better when you get overly upset, and bounce back from adversity...being able to control your behaviour when you are very upset.