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Year 6

Hi Year 6! 

We hope you are all staying safe, enjoying some sunshine in your gardens and relaxing a little bit too! 
We are all missing you and hopefully we will see you again very soon. 


Hopefully you have had a good go at what we have sent home with you already. The next 2 weeks are our official Easter holidays so please do have a break and don't complete these next tasks until after that! 

When you are ready to work again here are a few extra pieces of work that can be done once you have completed your first home learning pack. 

Finish Reading Macbeth

We've seen the animation - now finish reading the book! This is a graphic novel version which we know lots of you will enjoy. Once you've finished reading this you can also see what other books you'd like to read on the site! 

Research Tasks

1 - Can you research you secondary school and create a presentation all about it? Either a Powerpoint, a written presentation or anything else - be creative! 
Think about the key things we would like to know such as how many students are there? What subjects can you study? What is the uniform like? What are you looking forward to? 

2 - Can you write a fact file about an animal of your choice? 

Both Edinburgh Zoo and Chester Zoo have some fantastic webcam footage of some of their animals which might inspire you. Can you choose an animal that few people know about to make it more interesting? Where does your animal live? What does it eat? 



Below are two writing tasks, each based on a video from the Literacy Shed website. Have a go at the different activities - we look forward to seeing what you will produce.


Maths and SPaG

Below are a range of Maths activities to keep you ticking over for a while and a couple of SPaG ones too. These are just like the ones we use in class and are all about topics we have covered so far. Remember if you have CGP books at home then these are really good to use too! The My Mini Maths website has all your arithmetic practice on and we will be setting up some battles on Times Table Rockstars after the Easter holidays (log ins in your Reading Records).