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Year 6



Can you believe it? It's your last week in primary school! After all this time this is the last official week before your summer holidays and the beginning of a new chapter at secondary school.  We know it isn't quite how you expected, there has been no end of term rounders, no SATs celebrations, no relentless rehearsals for the leavers' concert - but it's still the end and we still want to celebrate in the best way we can. We are looking forward to seeing lots of you on Thursday at the Leavers' picnic. Remember this takes place from 1.45pm - 2.45pm and will be a fantastic opportunity to say bye (socially distanced style) to everyone. Remember your own picnic and something to sit on! 


The Year 6 team are so proud of the way you've all handled lockdown, how hard you've all worked both in school and out of school and the fantastic memories you've made in Year 6. We will miss you all and wish you the best of luck at secondary. 


Please check back on this page later in the week for a little surprise for you all!


Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon. 



Happy Monday Year 6!


Last 2 weeks of Upperby - WOW! Time has really flown by and we're enjoying seeing so many of you in our classes now. For those of you not in school it has been lovely to speak with you on the phone and if you haven't received a phone call yet you will probably be getting one this week! 


This week rather than a Weekly 10 we are asking you to do something a little bit different. We are creating a leavers' video with pictures of you all to go on the website. If you are in school you will have already done this or be about to, but if you are at home and want to take part please make a little sign with a good luck or goodbye message on, take a picture and send it to 

We will then add this to our video. Your adults should have received a text message about this already. 


We look forward to seeing all your lovely pictures altogether! 


Have a lovely week. 


Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon. 

This week the children in school will be taking part in Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) activities.  We will be covering relationships, puberty and how the body changes, how babies are made and making the right choices. Above are two PowerPoint presentations covering puberty for both boys and girls. It is important that children are aware of how both the female and male body change during this time. Should you wish to share further resources with your child who is not in school please contact the school and we can arrange to email you the other resources we will use in school. 




Hi Year 6!


Another week gone! We've enjoyed seeing lots of you again this week and getting into the swing of being back to normal (at least kind of normal...). Well done to those of you still managing to get 100% on Study Ladder. We know there have been some activities not working this week so don't worry if that affected you, just try and do as many as you can. Hopefully you all managed to enjoy the sunshine and have kept safe in the shade when it's been really hot!  


Have a lovely week!

Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon. 

Weekly 10



Hi Year 6!


It has been lovely to have lots of you in school this week and we hope you've enjoyed being back and a little bit of normality. You have all worked extremely hard and it's good to know that you haven't forgotten everything we've taught you! To those of you still at home we are missing you and hope you are all okay. Remember to log in to Study Ladder and complete your tasks for the week!


Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon. 

Weekly 10



Hi Year 6!


It was so lovely to see lots of you last week when you came in to school in your "bubbles" for a few hours to get used to the new arrangements! We are all so excited to have you back in a bit longer next week and start getting a bit of normality back! It was good to see that you hadn't forgotten how to work hard and you were all excellent at following the new rules. Don't forget that if you're not back in school you still have Study Ladder tasks to complete each day - and if you are in school then you should be doing some Study Ladder on the days you're not in! 


Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon

Weekly 10

How year 6 will look.


If you love to sing, then this event is for you. It is a live stream of singing lead by famous musicians from around the world, including Girls Aloud star and Queen Bee, Nicola Roberts, The Kingdom Choir, Jessie J and West End star Camilla Kerslake.  We hope lots of children from our school will take part, so please click on the link below to find out more...



Hi Year 6!


We hope you're all well and have still been able to keep busy and enjoy some time outside despite all the rain we've had this week!  You are all still doing amazingly with Study Ladder and home learning so a big well done. Don't forget that you can still use Times Table Rockstars and Spelling Shed at home to practise your maths and spellings too - well done to those of you are logging on regularly! We are all in school this week to help get ready to welcome some of you back next week and we are very excited to see you again, even though it will be a little bit different from what we were used to. 


See you soon!


Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon.

Weekly 10

What Miss Taylor has been up to...



Hi Year 6, 


We hope you all enjoyed some downtime with your families in half term week. The weather has been very kind to us all and I'm sure you enjoyed some time away from Study Ladder. 


The activities on Study Ladder have been set ready for this week. Mr Codd will be enjoying his half term after working in the hub last week. Mrs Moxon and Mrs Taylor have enjoyed their half term.  


On Thursday, Year 6 staff will be ringing parents to discuss the potential plans on Y6 returning to school.

Stay safe :) 


Mr Codd, Mrs Moxon and Miss Taylor. 


Have a lovely half term Year 6, you deserve it!

As it's half term, we haven’t set any work on Study Ladder.
If you do want little activities to do, there are some on this page and other pages within Home Learning. Stay safe. 

Mr Codd, Miss Taylor and Mrs Moxon. 



Hi Year 6


Another week has gone again, it was a slightly different SATs week than we were all expecting!


Can't believe it has been over a week since it was VE day. I saw that lots of you decorated your houses with bunting and flags, hope you all had a nice celebration whatever you did. I wonder how many of you baked special cakes or had a mini tea party? 


Most of you are doing brilliantly on study ladder, remember just a little bit every day keeps the brain working and will help you remember all the things you have already learned.  Remember to still log in to Times Tables Rockstars and Spelling Shed. 


Miss. Taylor, Mrs. Moxon and Mrs. Simpson have been working in the hub this week. Mr. Codd and Mrs. Fleming have been working from home.  Some of you will have heard about the government guidance about year 6 coming back into school. Mrs. Hodgkins, the governors and the staff are all trying to find the best way of doing this and lots of your parents have sent back the questionnaire.  


Next week is National Mental Health Week, so the extra ten activities are all linked to that. I wonder how many you will manage.


Take care. Missing you lots. 

Miss. Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon

Some things that Mrs Moxon has been busy with last week



Hi Year 6!


Hope you're all well and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL sunshine that we have had and had a lovely celebration for VE day on Bank Holiday Friday!


Can you believe that this week should have been SATs week?  Some of you will be thinking "thank goodness it's not" and we know some of you will be feeling a little disappointed that you worked so hard and didn't actually get to do them. You will be the first Year 6 group in a long time not to sit them and you will go down in history for it - so think of it that way! We suggest you play lots of rounders this week to mimic what actual SATs week is like, maybe a bit of football too and probably throw an ice lolly in if the sun shines! We know you would have been fabulous if you had sat them and that's all that matters! 


Remember to check in to Study Ladder this week and complete the work we have set you. Well done to those of you who have completed all the tasks every week so far - you are amazing! Miss Taylor, Mrs Moxon and Mrs Simpson are all in the hub this week so we will be trying to phone as many of you as we can. Mr Codd and Mrs Fleming will both be keeping busy at home. 

Hope you have a brilliant week!

Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon 

10 tasks for this week 11.5.20

What Miss Taylor has done this week...


Hi Year Six,

I hope that you and your families are okay and staying safe! Everyone still seems to be enjoying some time outside which is good – enjoy it while you can.

Well done to everyone who has been on Study Ladder and has been completing their tasks. We are proud of you all for being motivated and completing work. If you need log in details, please ring school or email - we will be more than happy to help.

Study Ladder Superstars

Ashton, Oliver, Robert, Eve, Leo, Ella, Faye, Abigail, Ebonee, Kasey, Majka and Imogen.

Aleena, Lainey, Jack, Fergus, Luke, Lexi, Charlotte, Amie and Jasmine.


Miss Taylor, Mrs Moxon and Mr Codd all worked from home last week. Mr Codd will be back in the hub this week and Miss Taylor, Mrs Moxon and Mrs Simpson next week.

Mrs Simpson and Mrs Fleming have been missing you! They’ve been getting up to all sorts.

Mrs Fleming has been doing some decorating and using her skills as a hairdresser to keep everyone in her house with a fresh haircut. She has also been doing some home-schooling with her son and has been busy in her garden. She is wondering if she is capable of doing some block paving…

Mrs Simpson has also been doing some decorating and has been walking her dog, who has fallen out with her due to a traumatising haircut. She has been teaching her son some GCSE English and has bought herself a Kindle - which she is using to read lots of online books. She has also been doing lots of online quizzes and is now a ‘quizzer’ – hopefully she will use her new skill to appear on an episode of The Chase soon.

Mr Codd has also been busy: keeping fit, cutting trees back, making soup, baking, making homemade steak pie, playing on his PS4 and reading. He has really enjoyed looking at how people are engaging with Study Ladder. I am really missing you all! I look forward to making some phone calls this week to see how some of you are doing. It’s nice to have a chat so please don’t be embarrassed as we enjoy talking to you.

Stay safe everyone and keep busy. Remember, you can send any of your photos to the email: and we will get to see them. They will also be added to the website.


Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon 😊

What Mr Codd has been up to...

Ten tasks for this week 4.5.20

26th April 2020




Hope you are all doing ok and have enjoyed the glorious weather last week. We have had some lovely phone calls finding out about what you are all doing;  lots of you seem to be enjoying the sunshine in your garden and on your daily exercise. 


Well done everyone who has managed to get started with Study Ladder. We can see who is logging on and how you are getting on with the tasks. We are super proud of all of you that are having a go. If you haven't managed to log on yet, try this week. If you need some help with your user name and passwords either ring school or send an email to 


A quick shout out this week  to Eve, Ashton, Leo, Oliver, Olivia, Rosie, Aleena, Fergus, Jack, Jasmine, Lainey and Luke for their hard work on Study Ladder.


Miss Taylor and Mrs Moxon were working in school last week with the Key Worker children and Mr Codd will be back in in two weeks time. 


Below there are some pictures of some of the things Mrs Moxon has been up to. She is loving jigsaws and lego, also getting out for her daily exercise with her children.  Baking is keeping her busy and she always has at least one book on the go. At the minute she is re reading the Hunger Games trilogy. Enjoying them as much as she did the first time round. 


Stay Safe everyone and keep busy, remember you can send any of your photos to the email and they get added to the website.


Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon

Some activities Mrs Moxon has been enjoying.

Ten tasks for this week

22.4.20 Kindness Calendar - Week 4 - Kindness in our communities

Feeling Mixed Up? Remember This Jar | The Mindfulness Toolkit

What happens when we take a moment to let our mind settle? Here's a quick and simple way to be more mindful. Subscribe to ABC ME! - THE...


Hi Year 6!


Hope you're all doing well and not getting too bored just yet - see we told you school was okay after all. 

This week you will find all your work on Study Ladder which your adults at home will have received a letter about. There will be activities on there for the week so do a little bit of each subject each day - 2 maths, 2 english and a topic each day should keep you busy! 


A big well done to Giant Country for their win on TTRockstars last week they JUST pipped us the post Hogwarts! Congratulations to Lexi and Robert for being the highest scorers - keep up the good work. 


Below is your Weekly 10 of fun activities to try this week. 


Stay safe,


Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon

Weekly 10 - 20.4.20







PhunkyFoods are releasing home learning packs  EVERY WEEK to print or to use as inspiration.

Each pack contains:

  • W fun, theme based worksheet focused on healthy eating
  • A delicious PhunkyFoods recipe that is simple and healthy
  • Phunky15 excerises to get moving
  • A mindfulness activity to relax


Week 2 home learning pack is available to download below (week 1 was Easter themed). The packs in the weeks to come will be available to download from their website:


Enjoy smiley

KS2 PhunkyFoods Home Learning Pack Week 2

What Miss Taylor's been up to...

15.4.20 Kindness Calendar - Week 3 - Kind to animals

15.4.20 What Is Mindfulness? | The Mindfulness Toolkit

How does the brain work when we are angry or anxious and how we can re-wire it to relax, reflect and make more mindful choices? Subscribe to ABC ME! - https:...

15.4.20 Mindful Breathing Activity for Kids

A calming, square breathing exercise to introduce kids to mindfulness in the classroom. The perfect meditation activity to regain class composure. Check out ...


Hi Year 6!


Hope you're all doing well and enjoyed your Easter weekend and Easter holidays. Even though they were a little bit different to normal we still hope you had lots of chocolate and enjoyed the sunshine in your garden or on your daily walk.


Below you will find plenty of work to keep you busy this week - you can pick and choose what you want to have a go at and there are some fun tasks in our Weekly 10 as well which we will posting each week to keep your busy. We've set up a Times Table Rockstars competition between Hogwarts and Giant Country this week so see who can get the most points (Hogwarts don't let me down!!!) and improve your scores whilst your at it. 


Missing you all! 


Miss Taylor, Mr Codd and Mrs Moxon. 

Weekly 10 - 14.4.20

Learn First Aid Life Saving Skills at home


This is a super activity to do throughout your time at home. Please send us some pictures to we would love to see you in action and you with your certificate!

Easter Holidays

PSHE Challenge


Can you play “Would you rather?” Give each player a choice of two options (for example, “Would you rather go for a walk in the snow, or on the beach? “. They have to choose one and say why. The ideas can be as silly as you like!


Can you tell someone why you love them? Maybe write them a poem or a letter, sharing all of the wonderful things about them!


Can you you think of some questions you would use when interviewing a family member. What would you like to ask them? Write down their answers (with their permission) or make an interview video!

Please send us some pictures to we would love to see how you are getting on!


Missing you all!

Miss Wilson

Hi Year 6! 

We hope you are all staying safe, enjoying some sunshine in your gardens and relaxing a little bit too! 
We are all missing you and hopefully we will see you again very soon. 


Hopefully you have had a good go at what we have sent home with you already. The next 2 weeks are our official Easter holidays so please do have a break and don't complete these next tasks until after that! 

When you are ready to work again here are a few extra pieces of work that can be done once you have completed your first home learning pack. 

Finish Reading Macbeth

We've seen the animation - now finish reading the book! This is a graphic novel version which we know lots of you will enjoy. Once you've finished reading this you can also see what other books you'd like to read on the site! 

Research Tasks

1 - Can you research you secondary school and create a presentation all about it? Either a Powerpoint, a written presentation or anything else - be creative! 
Think about the key things we would like to know such as how many students are there? What subjects can you study? What is the uniform like? What are you looking forward to? 

2 - Can you write a fact file about an animal of your choice? 

Both Edinburgh Zoo and Chester Zoo have some fantastic webcam footage of some of their animals which might inspire you. Can you choose an animal that few people know about to make it more interesting? Where does your animal live? What does it eat? 



Below are two writing tasks, each based on a video from the Literacy Shed website. Have a go at the different activities - we look forward to seeing what you will produce.


Some online learning for you all.

Maths and SPaG

Below are a range of Maths activities to keep you ticking over for a while and a couple of SPaG ones too. These are just like the ones we use in class and are all about topics we have covered so far. Remember if you have CGP books at home then these are really good to use too! The My Mini Maths website has all your arithmetic practice on and we will be setting up some battles on Times Table Rockstars after the Easter holidays (log ins in your Reading Records).