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Year 5

Week beginning 13th July


Can you believe it's the final week Year 5? Where has the time gone? Quite a strange end to Summer term and certainly not the one we were expecting, but we hope that you are still working hard and having fun at home. We are proud of the way you have worked through this and we both know you will be more than ready for Year 6 in September. And the good news is you get to stay with us for a few days when you return! 


We hope you have an amazing Summer with your families and we look forward to welcoming you back in September. 


Mr Dixon and Mr Walker. 



Week beginning 6th July 2020


Hi Year 5!  


Well this week has been a bit of a washout hasn't it! It's been very wet this week and in school we have spent quite a bit of time indoors and trying to get out in between the showers. It was nice to see some of you at Book Swap this week and also for extra Study Ladder sessions on Tuesday morning.  Well done to those who attended, Miss Taylor was very impressed with how hard you all worked. 


Keep busy and have a good week! 



Week Beginning 29th June


Hi Year 5! We hope you are all well and have enjoyed the sunshine over the last week - it was very hot for us in school and we we had to find lots of shady spots to sit in to avoid the heat! Well done to those of you who completed all of your StudyLadder tasks this week - another busy week! Can you believe there are only 3 weeks left til the Summer holidays? It's flown by! So keep up the good work Year 5 and then you can enjoy your holiday properly! 


Weekly 10

Week Beginning 22nd June


Hi Year 5 - it's Mr Codd, 

I hope you are all well! I have been impressed with how you are completing work. This week, I have taken over your Study Ladder from Mr Dixon and Mr Walker and I will be running your Study Ladder until the end of this term. 

There will be a slight change to how I set the Study ladder tasks which will start to encourage you to take control of your own learning and get you ready for Year 6. I will now set a weekly pod for: 
English, Maths and Foundation subjects. This means that all of the tasks you need to complete for that subject (in the week) will be in the subject pod. Please don't be put off by this and see it instead as a challenge to manage your work. The Y6's have managed this well.

My advice is to make sure you plan out when you are going to complete the activities. If you do a spelling, SPaG and reading task for English a day and a mental maths task and one or two main maths activities a day you will keep up with the work in these subjects. There are only seven foundation subject tasks for the week so you could do one of these a day. Alternatively, you could aim to get all your work done by Thursday and have a three-day weekend - bonus! 

I look forward to seeing how you complete the work - impress me, you never know which teacher you will get next year. 

Stay safe, 
Mr Codd

Weekly 10

Week starting Monday 15th June

Hiya everybody, Mr Dixon here again! Firstly I like to say well done to all of you who are working so hard on Study Ladder, I'm really pleased to see so many of you doing so well. Remember also that there is always work on Spelling Shed. 

I've been in the hub last week working with the Year 4,5 and 6 Key Worker bubble - what a load of superstars!! Sensible and hardworkingsmileyyes

In other news Toby had to go to the vets for an operation, he was very sleepy afterwards but is back to being a giddy kipper now. Here is a picture of him in his special suit to stop him scratching. It was like a baby grow!!


Chess Kid 

Mr Lydon the chess man,  has set up a chess kid account for us. 

If you would like to register follow the link below - you will need a parent or carer's permission and e-mail address. 



If you love to sing, then this event is for you. It is a live stream of singing lead by famous musicians from around the world, including Girls Aloud star and Queen Bee, Nicola Roberts, The Kingdom Choir, Jessie J and West End star Camilla Kerslake.  We hope lots of children from our school will take part, so please click on the link below to find out more...

Week beginning Monday 8th June


Hello again Year 5! Mr. Walker here. I hope you are all well and had a good half term. I have been in school last week working with key workers children. We have been doing maths, handwriting, art and studyladder. We have enjoyed playtimes and lunchtimes too!


Well done to everyone who took part in the rockstars battle against the year 4s. Unfortunately, we didn't win this time but a special mention goes out to the top 3 most valuable players:

Kieran, Lewis, Logan



8th June weekly 10

A walk and a paddle to cool off.

Week beginning Monday 1st of June

Welcome back everybody. I hope you had a super half term and enjoyed the weather. I was in the hub on some of the days but still had time to take Toby on some walks. Year 4 have challenged us to a TT Rockstar battle - this is the decider - we must be victorious!!

Toby in the long grass.MP4

Still image for this video

Have a lovely half term Year 5, you deserve it. 

As it is half term we haven’t set any work on Study Ladder.
If any of you do want little activities to do remember there is lots on this page and other pages within Home Learning. 

We miss you all so very much and are so proud of every single one of you.

Week beginning Monday 18th May


Hello Year 5! Mr. Walker here. I hope you are all well and are managing to enjoy the dry weather and get out and about. I have been on my bike for rides into the countryside as well as walks. I went fishing with my youngest son too, we enjoyed being able to fish as part of the relaxing of the lockdown rules (the fish is a small salmon - we put it back). What will you get up to now you can get out more?

10 things for the week of the 18th May

TT Rockstars Battle Results! Year 5 victorious!

Want a chance to be in the Guiness World Book of Records?


All you need to do is play TTRS!


Guinness World Records has created a new title - Highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ in one minute - and we are looking for players to aim for this special accolade.



It’s simple: get a world-beating score in a Studio game, make sure it's captured in a video and send a link to that video to by the end of Thursday 4th June (11:59pm GMT).


All the details are on the document below. Make sure you practice first as the competition will be tough!

Week starting Monday 11th May

Hello everyone.

I hope you all had chance to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day - I phoned my mum (who is now 83) on the day and she told me her memories of the day. She talked about a big street party and how they had crab paste sandwiches, jelly and lots of cake!! She talked very fondly about the day and how everyone felt so relieved that the war was over.


Well done to all those amazing children who keep climbing up the Study Ladder smiley

This next week there is a TT rockstars battle against Year 6 - Losing is not an option guys!! 

Mr Codd has already said that Year 6 is going to win - let's prove him wrong!!


I (Mr Dixon) have been in the hub last week and it was good to catch up with lots of you. Don't forget to email pictures of what you've been up to. (Check out Kieran's video in the Gallery)

I still found time to go on some lovely walks by the river with Toby - here are some pictures of some carving we found on the cliffs.

Weekly 10 - 11.05.20

Week starting Monday 4th May


Hello everyone in Year 5! I hope you are all well and are getting through some studyladder tasks and other tasks too. Well done the children who took part in the Times Table Rockstars battle - COSMOS V ETERNIA! Cosmos won 6122 to 3147! A special mention goes to the most valuable players for each team:


Cosmos: 1. Harry C, 2. Logan, 3. Olivia    Eternia: 1. Jack C, 2. Jack S, 3. Chloe


This week is an important week as it VE day on Friday (Victory in Europe). A special bank holiday was planned to mark 75 years since the end of World War 2. You could get involved with the celebrations within your household:

1. Have a special garden picnic.

2. Decorate with bunting and flags.

3. Bake a cake or make some scones.

4. Listen to the Queen's speech.

5. Play some music from the era.

6. Make some homemade lemonade.

7. Wear red white and blue.

8. Play a game with your household.


Week starting Monday 27th April


Welcome to another week of home learning. I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather and have managed to get out in the sunshine for your daily exercise. Well done to those of you who have made such an amazing start on Study Ladder last weeksmiley yes


A special mention goes out to the following people from Eternia for "smashing" the first week of Study Ladder: Abigail, Alisha, Brooke, Chloe, Emma, Isabelle, Jack C., Jack S., Jayden, Kieran and Riley.


This week's Study Ladder will be live from Monday morning along with new tasks on Spelling Shed. Don't forget to get on RM easi -maths and TT rockstars - there is going to be a battle this week between Eternia and Cosmos!!


I (Mr Dixon) have been enjoying the sunshine and have taken Toby for long walks - he even came for a bike ride with us the other day - see the pictures below.





This week's Weekly 10 - 27.04.20

Please find below the Weekly 10 - Will you be able to complete all 10? 

22.4.20 Kindness Calendar - Week 4 - Kindness in our communities

Feeling Mixed Up? Remember This Jar | The Mindfulness Toolkit

What happens when we take a moment to let our mind settle? Here's a quick and simple way to be more mindful. Subscribe to ABC ME! - THE...

25 MORE fun and meaningful ideas to choose from:

  1. Get doodling! Grab some paper and pens and doodle anything you like! Animals, aliens or something else.
  2. Create your own animal. Could you combine two of your favourites? What will you call it?
  3. Design and draw a new musical instrument. How would you play it and what will it sound like?
  4. Make up your own 5 minute exercise routine. What will you include
  5. Can you make up your own jokes? Tell them to someone to make them laugh!
  6. Make some jewellery. Use anything you can find around the house. Strips of wrapping paper or rolled up magazines make great beads!
  7. Paper aeroplane challenge! Make a paper aeroplane and see how far you can fly it! Can you make a target and try to aim for it?
  8. Fingerprint art! Use only your fingertips and paint to create a picture.
  9. Make a bookmark to use when you’re reading.
  10. Make some wild art using sticks, leaves, flowers and anything else you can find outdoors.
  11. Quick draw! Set a 1 minute timer, draw a quick doodle and see if the other person can guess what it is before the time is up.
  12. Write a silly sentence that includes all of these words… BANANA, CURTAIN, DOLPHIN, SNOW and BALLOON. Now think of your own words and write some more!
  13. How many different words can you make from the letters in this sentence?… Keeping my brain busy is fun
  14. Ping pong story telling! Write the opening sentence to a story, then someone else writes the next line. Then it’s your turn again! Keep alternating until you have a full story.
  15. Guess the character! Think of a character from a book, write it down so no-one can see. Have others ask you questions to try and guess which character you chose.
  16. Make a finger puppet! Use a paper cone to make a body, then attach a paper head.
  17. Describe the most disgusting meal EVER! What is in it? Spaghetti worms, toenails on toast or something else?
  18. Create a comic strip about an animal who turns into a superhero. Which animal will you choose?
  19. Create a family kindness jar. Every time someone does something kind, write it down and put it in the jar. When the jar is full you all deserve a special treat!
  20. Find a fun place to sit and read a book. Under the bed? Up a tree? Where will you go?
  21. How many words can you think of that rhyme with WRITE?
  22. Write a recipe for ‘Springtime’. What will you include? Flowers? Sunshine? What else?
  23. Use you body to make the shape of a letter. How many more can you make? Can you make every letter in the alphabet?
  24. Play alphabet bingo! Can you spot an item in your home or garden that starts with the letter a,b,c and so on?
  25. Start a diary. Write a short entry every day about what you do and how you feel. It will be good to look back on when you’re older.







PhunkyFoods are releasing home learning packs  EVERY WEEK to print or to use as inspiration.

Each pack contains:

  • W fun, theme based worksheet focused on healthy eating
  • A delicious PhunkyFoods recipe that is simple and healthy
  • Phunky15 excerises to get moving
  • A mindfulness activity to relax


Week 2 home learning pack is available to download below (week 1 was Easter themed). The packs in the weeks to come will be available to download from their website:


Enjoy smiley

KS2 PhunkyFoods Home Learning Pack Week 2

15.4.20 Obstacle course fun!

Still image for this video
Feeling a little bored? Wanting to play in the garden but don't know what to do? Why don't you have a go at making your very own obstacle course or exercise circuit like Miss Wilson and her girls did!

Kindness Calendar - Week 3 - Kind to animals

What Is Mindfulness? | The Mindfulness Toolkit

How does the brain work when we are angry or anxious and how we can re-wire it to relax, reflect and make more mindful choices? Subscribe to ABC ME! - https:...

Mindful Breathing Activity for Kids

A calming, square breathing exercise to introduce kids to mindfulness in the classroom. The perfect meditation activity to regain class composure. Check out ...

Here are some extra activities to complete if you would like!

Activity 1

Get some exercise. Can you follow Joe Wicks work out all week? Can you create your own workout circuit for you and your family?

Activity 2

Practice your times tables on TT rock stars? Send a friend a challenge and see if you can beat them!  

Activity 3

Do something kind.

This is an unusual time – what kind thing can you do to help someone in your house this week? Make a cup of tea? Help with the dishes? Spring clean?

Activity 4

Practice your spellings. Use spelling shed to improve.

Activity 5

Read read read read!

Read any book you have at home- then recommend a good a book to a friend. What was your favourite part of the story and why?


Activity 6

Learn a new skill. This could be cooking, ironing, hanging out the washing, knitting, sewing – anything you can think of. Please do this safely!

Activity 7

Learn a new dance and perform it for your family.

Activity 8

Keep a dairy of your week. How are you feeling? Write your reflections each day. Ensure you use the correct tone in your writing.

Activity 9

Help to make a meal for your family.

Activity 10

Draw a rainbow and stick it in your window for passers-by to see.



Learn First Aid from home


This is a super activity to do throughout your time at home. Please send us some pictures to we would love to see you in action and you with your certificate


KINDNESS makes the WORLD go round!


Easter Holidays

PSHE Challenge


Can you design an exercise routine for your family and show them how to do this; make a training circuit around the house or garden. At each station, complete a different exercise for 30 seconds, for example; bunny hops, star jumps, lunges, stepping on and off a step. Then move on to the next.


Can you prepare a healthy snack for your family?


Please send us some pictures to we would love to see how you are getting on!


Missing you all!

Miss Wilson