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Year 4

A little something to remember your slightly crazy time of home learning, we will print these and put them into your summer pack for you to keep. You just need to come and collect it.

Weekly ten 13.7.20


Hello Year 4, welcome to the last week of term!


It has been a crazy term but I know so many of you have been working so hard from home. We can't wait until September, when we plan on welcoming you all back. It will be slightly different to normal to ensure we keep you all safe, just like everything is at the moment, but we will be back to school which is the main thing!


So enjoy your last week of term, keep working hard. Then enjoy your six weeks holiday, we will be busy busy when you return! 

6.7.20 Weekly Ten



Hello Year 4, we hope you are all well. The weather isn't as good at the moment but we have had some amazing weather to enjoy before this week. 


So many of you are doing very well with your Study Ladder and we are super proud. If you are not completing this please try your hardest to do so as it will help your learning. 


Have a lovely week!

Weekly ten 29.6.20



Hello Year 4, I write to you all from my desk in my classroom for the first time which is very strange!

Make sure you all keep going with your Study Ladder, we love to see how well you are all doing. 

The weather is looking good for the middle of the week so make sure you get outside and enjoy the sun!


In our key worker bubble at school we have been learning about Henry VIII. You guys should have a look too we have been learning so much.


Have a lovely week!

10 things to do all about Sound!


Hello everyone, we hope you had a good week and enjoyed your weekend. 
This week Mrs Breese and myself went for a socially distanced walk to discuss Study Ladder and Weekly Ten’s and we had a good catch up! 
Mrs Breese is taking over the online learning for the next few weeks whilst I’m in school full time. 

Have a lovely weekend, miss you all!


If you love to sing, then this event is for you. It is a live stream of singing lead by famous musicians from around the world, including Girls Aloud star and Queen Bee, Nicola Roberts, The Kingdom Choir, Jessie J and West End star Camilla Kerslake.  We hope lots of children from our school will take part, so please click on the link below to find out more...


Hello Year 4! 
Last week was a very exciting week due to our Times Table Rockstar battle, which obviously we won! 
I was in the hub and Mrs Breese popped in so we could talk about all of you guys and look at Study Ladder, it was so lovely to see her. 
Atlantis you may be getting a phone call this week! 
As I was in school I didn’t get up to much but I did encounter a beautiful deer on one of my walks. 

Well done to those children still working super hard on Study Ladder. Remember that we can see exactly who is doing their Study Ladder and when. 

Have a lovely week!


Still image for this video

Overall champions!! 🥇🏆🏅

Well Year 4, you did it! 
You more than doubled the Year 5 score. We are so proud of you! 
Well done to every single one of you who helped us by playing.. 

- Jenson who scored a huge 7014 points 

- Erin who was not far behind at all on 6051

- Noah and Tristan who both scored in the 1000’s 

- Bailey, Grace, Camille, Caitlin and Dylan who all scored over 500

-Ashton, Emily, Lauren, Ryan, Jordana, Thomas, Olivia, Ava, Madeline, Bella, Raia and Martin who all scored over 100 

-Amelia, Kade, Eduard, Meah, Robyn and Imogen who all spent time gaining points to help us win


Every single one of you should be so proud of yourselves. 


Weekly Ten 8/6/20


Welcome back Year 4! We hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed the amazing weather we had. I know we did it! 

I spent most of my week in the sun, I did finally bath Joany... pictures below! 
Maybe this week some of you will get to see some people you haven’t in a while due to the restrictions being eased slightly. I know I will be doing a lot of doorsteps visit as I have just became an Auntie for the first time! It’s so hard not being able to have a cuddle off baby Lucas but I know by staying two metres away I’m keeping him safe. 

We are still learning from home, but that’s okay because you are all so brilliant at it.

This week “we” is myself and Mrs Breese! She’s back after having her gorgeous, baby girl. I am in school all week this week so Mrs Breese will be looking after you all online. 

Bath, picture, roll within 30 seconds!!!

Weekly ten 1/6/20

Have a lovely half term Year 4, you deserve it. 

As it is half term we haven’t set any work on Study Ladder.
If any of you do want little activities to do remember there is lots on this page and other pages within Home Learning. 


We miss you all so very much and are so proud of every single one of you. 

Thank you Mrs Price

Everything is very different at the moment. Not being at school and learning from home is a huge example! So unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to say thank you and good bye to Mrs Price like we would have wanted too. 

I’m sure you all agree that Mrs Price was a brilliant teacher both inside the classroom and in our new home learning environment. She helped us all learn and grow and will be missed. 



Last week of half term! 

Hello Year 4, can you believe we have been learning from our homes for a whole half term? You have all done so well with it and I know lots of you have been learning so many new things. You all know how proud I am of every single one of you. 

Last week I did a lot of walking, biking and running and I am exploring and making new things for my tea! 

I am in the hub this week so I’ll be making phone calls to Te Fiti, so make sure you have a think about what you want to tell me!

This week is also Mental Health Awareness Week. The focus is 'Kindness', and this is what I have themed your Weekly Ten around. Kindness helps build self-esteem, friendships, relationships and school and community spirit.


Below is a link to find out more about Mental Health Awareness week, your weekly ten and a video of Joany being a little monkey getting herself very dusty and muddy! She’ll be getting a bath as soon as the sun comes back out! 

Have a fab week Year 4. Keep working as hard as you are on Study Ladder. 

Weekly Ten

Joany the Dust Monster

Still image for this video

What an opportunity we have for you Year 4!


Want a chance to be in the Guiness World Book of Records?


All you need to do is play TTRS!


Guinness World Records has created a new title - Highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ in one minute - and we are looking for players to aim for this special accolade.



It’s simple: get a world-beating score in a Studio game, make sure it's captured in a video and send a link to that video to by the end of Thursday 4th June (11:59pm GMT).


All the details are on the document below. Make sure you practice first as the competition will be tough!



Welcome to another week Year 4! We hope you all enjoyed last week, especially the bank holiday and celebrating the anniversary of VE Day. I know I did! The weather has been lovely so I’ve been outside most of the week when I haven’t been working. Mrs Price is in school this week working in the hub so Atlantis you might just get a lovely phone call. 
Keep working as hard as you all are on Study Ladder, well done to all those doing all their activities every day. You all are just fab! 
Have a good week, missing you all! 

Miss Ion’s busy week! Painting, baking malteser cake and making homemade decorations for our VE Day afternoon tea, Jerry being cheeky and lots of pizza!


Hello Year 4! We hope you are all still enjoying Study Ladder. We are so impressed by so many of you guys, your effort with Study Ladder is absolutely amazing! We are very lucky teachers! 
This week is a strange one, it is a bank holiday on Friday. This is because it is 75 years since VE Day which signalled the end of World War Two. 
Your weekly ten is all based around this, we would love you to complete as many activities as possible and then enjoy the day with your family. The weather is meant to be good so you can really celebrate in your home and garden! Make sure you send us lots of pictures, we love seeing them so much. 

Weekly Ten 4/5/20

VE Day Celebrations

Mrs Price has written you all a lovely story...


Hello Year 4 - This week I've written a 100-word story for you. It's called  'Lockdown worries' - I hope you enjoy it. Why not try writing your own 100 word story? It has to be exactly 100 words and must be a complete story. It's not as easy as it sounds!


The rain slides down the cracked window pane, blurring the view beyond into one unending grey. Somewhere above me water drips from a broken gutter in rhythmic, staccato beats. Dim light falls across the scarred floorboards highlighting the old tin box among books with titles as dusty as their covers. Will it still be here? I’ve waited so long for this moment. I listen for the sound of approaching footsteps but no, I am alone.  Slowly, cautiously, I open the lid. A sigh of relief escapes me; there at the bottom of the box, untouched, is my secret chocolate stash!

Had a quick cuppa outside my mum and dad’s window after I had done the horses. Tom had other ideas and stole my cup of tea!

Happy Monday Year 4! (27/4/20)
We hope you have safely enjoyed some of the beautiful sunshine over the weekend! 
Some days can seem very long at the minute and I know lots of you are missing friends and family so it is important to keep busy. 
This week to help me (Miss Ion) keep busy I have been taking part in lots of FaceTime and Zoom calls with my family and friends. Quiz nights are my favourite! I have even been quizzing with other teachers such as Miss Wilson, Miss Henry, Mrs Weir and lots more! Sometimes Mrs Burns and Mrs Hodgkins even join us! 
Let us know if you have been taking part in any FaceTimes or quizzes at 

Keep working hard Year 4, keep smiling and keep safe 😊 


Weekly Ten 27/4/20

Mrs Price's Life in Lockdown

Te Fiti win again! 🥇🥇

A huge congratulations to Te Fiti, you worked so hard on our battle and you are the winners! 
We are so proud of everyone who participated in the battle both from Te Fiti and Atlantis, well done to you all. 
The top 5 Rockstars in Year 4 are: 







Village scarecrows

Details for the scarecrow if you fancy it!

Hello Year 4, welcome to our first week using Study Ladder. We have set you all work to complete for the week. We can see the work you have completed and how you have got on with it, so we will keep checking! Remember everything we have set you is to last the week so don't worry about getting it all done today. Just like at school there is one arithmetic activity, one (maybe two) maths activity, one reading comprehension, one English activity and a foundation subject activity per day.

On some of the activities it has a little pencil on the right hand corner, it gives you room to work things out so make sure you use it if you need too, especially in maths.


Below you can see we have created 'ten things you can do this week' as little extra tasks, pick a couple and have a go.When you do any remember to take a picture and email them to us at


Don't forget to battle it out on TTRS!

Ten things to do this week!

Captain Tom Moore's Birthday Card

22.4.20 Kindness Calendar - Week 4 - Kindness in our communities

Feeling Mixed Up? Remember This Jar | The Mindfulness Toolkit

What happens when we take a moment to let our mind settle? Here's a quick and simple way to be more mindful. Subscribe to ABC ME! - THE...







PhunkyFoods are releasing home learning packs  EVERY WEEK to print or to use as inspiration.

Each pack contains:

  • W fun, theme based worksheet focused on healthy eating
  • A delicious PhunkyFoods recipe that is simple and healthy
  • Phunky15 excerises to get moving
  • A mindfulness activity to relax


Week 2 home learning pack is available to download below (week 1 was Easter themed). The packs in the weeks to come will be available to download from their website:


Enjoy smiley

KS2 PhunkyFoods Home Learning Pack Week 2

We hope you have enjoyed Easter at home Year 4. We know it may have been completely different to your normal Easter but by staying at home you are helping so so many people, you really are all amazing! If you are really lucky you might have eaten lots of chocolate eggs and special treats over the Easter weekend. Miss Ion spent Easter Sunday baking Creme Egg brownie and because she can't see anyone she has to eat it all herself! What a shame! 


You should all have some work left in your packs for this week's work, if not there is still plenty on this page, but just in case we will put a few new bits on here. 


Can't wait to see you all soon x

English lessons 

Complete a book review 


Take a look at this book review on  George’s Marvellous Medicine.


Lesson 1 - Look at the book review and highlight the key features need. Think about a book from home you have would like to review, it could be a book you really enjoyed or one that wasn't quite as good.


Lesson 2- Plan your book review using ideas from what you have read. Think about the features you need. 


Lesson 3- Write your book review. 


Maths Lessons 


Complete Week One of Year 4's Whiterose home learning pack



Science Lessons 


  • Make a list of mains and battery operated items in your house 
  • Write a story about a piece of food travelling through the digestive system 
  • Create a poster about the water cycle 
  • Research the teeth of different animals and create a fact file


Topic Lessons 


Complete an information booklet about South America 

Think about the tourist attractions we looked, the countries within South America, physical and human geography, climate and animals. 


This will keep you all busy for this week, remember to send me pictures using the following email address.


Miss Ion's Creme Egg Brownie

15.4.20 Obstacle course fun!

Still image for this video
Feeling a little bored? Wanting to play in the garden but don't know what to do? Why don't you have a go at making your very own obstacle course or exercise circuit like Miss Wilson and her girls did!

15.4.20 Kindness Calendar - Week 3 - Kind to animals

What Is Mindfulness? | The Mindfulness Toolkit

How does the brain work when we are angry or anxious and how we can re-wire it to relax, reflect and make more mindful choices? Subscribe to ABC ME! - https:...

Mindful Breathing Activity for Kids

A calming, square breathing exercise to introduce kids to mindfulness in the classroom. The perfect meditation activity to regain class composure. Check out ...


We hope Home Learning is going well and you are enjoying your time at home as much as possible. Make sure you're completing your activities that you took home, but remember to read. Make a den and read, read in bed, read on the sofa, read in a corner, read under the table, do it anywhere but please do lots of it. 

You have enough work to last you two weeks and don't worry we haven't counted your two weeks holiday! 

Don't panic... we will give you more work after this!

However, we have found activities and useful links that you might want to try so here they are... 

Learn First Aid Life Saving Skills at home


This is a super activity to do throughout your time at home. Please send us some pictures to we would love to see you in action and you with your certificate!

KINDNESS makes the WORLD go round!

Easter Holidays

PSHE Challenge


Can you make a simple meal (such as soup, sandwich, salad, pasta)  for your family?

Ask a grown up for help with the tricky parts.

Remember to be careful around the oven and sharp utensils.


Can you design each member of your family a special place mat to place their plate on when having their specially prepared meal? Why not decorate it with their name, write kind things about them on it and make them feel good!


Please send us some pictures to we would love to see how you are getting on!

Missing you all!

Miss Wilson.

An example timetable you could use to structure your day

P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020

You don't need any equipment, just tune in to Joe's YouTube channel at 9am each morning for a 30-minute, fun workout.
This is Day One of his 9am daily workouts. Don't worry if you can't do it live with Joe you can do it anytime of the day!
Miss Ion has had a go and highly recommends them, you'll love it guys!

Science investigations

How cool is this Lego challenge! Give it a go if you can :)

Educational apps extra to those already given in home learning packs.  


App Name

Good for





Problem solving through coding





Programming your own stories and games




More useful links