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Year 3

Hi Year 3, we hope you are enjoying your time at home and you have completed some of the activities that you took home.

Remember to read whenever you can! You can read in the garden, in bed, on the sofa, on the floor and at the table. You could even ring a relative and read to them!

You should have enough work at home to last for 2 weeks, and remember to have some time off for the Easter holidays.  Scroll down for some activities and ideas that you might want to try out to keep you busy each day!

Keep fit

Oti mabuse and Marius Iepure Oliver Twist Dance class


Why not practice your time tables for 5-10 minutes each day? I will put on some battles after the Easter holidays...


You can sign up for free while you are not at school. There are lots and lots of exciting maths activities for you to complete on your tablet or computer.


Play lots of maths games like HIT THE BUTTON!


Have a go at daily My Mini Maths challenges just like we do at school everyday!


Here are some fun activities you can try at home with your parents.


Listen to a free audiobook every day at 11am.

Click the link to search for books to read online. Search for Year 3 books or choose your ATOS level (your reading level like 2.4 or 4.5).

Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen Channel Intro


Explore Purple Mash to find activities to do at home.  After the holidays, we will set some tasks for you to complete and hand in.