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Year 1 & Reception - Moonbeams


Welcome to Moonbeams!

We are a mixed Reception and Year 1 class.


Our class teacher is Miss Henry and our teaching assistants are

Miss Wilson, Mrs Edgar and Mrs Wallace. 

Class Information


Moonbeams class doors open at 8.45am - home time is 3.15pm

Moonbeams class enter and leave the premises through the

Uldale Road gate.

Children need a water bottle and book bag in school every day.

Children's belongings should be clearly named so that they can easily be returned if lost. 

Moonbeams Long Term Planning 2021-2022

Summer - Pictograms and Branching Databases!

Moonbeams had a wonderful week using the school laptops to create different representations of data. We were so impressed by how quickly they were able to use zoo animal data to make pictograms and make their own 'Guess Who' style games.


(pictures on the way)


Summer - Growing and Planting 

Moonbeams have been very busy planting a variety of seeds including sunflowers, cornflowers and beans. They have also been taking extra special care of their tomato plants. The children have been learning what a seed needs to grow, how to take care of a plant and to name and label the parts of a flower. 


(photo's on the way!)


Spring - Easter

Moonbeams have been learning all about spring and the Easter celebration. In DT they have also been learning how to join materials through sewing, stapling, clipping and gluing. They used their skills to create and decorate these beautiful felt easter eggs. They also had lots of fun making easter crispy nests full of chocolate eggs!

And of course we must not forget the annual Easter Bonnet Parade!

Spring - Meet Moonbeam the penguin!

Inspired by writing fact files about penguins and their habitats the Moonbeams decided they would like to adopt a penguin through the WWF. To do this they held a 'Penguin Party', where for a small donation they were treated to an afternoon full of penguin fun! They made penguin masks and took part in a penguin parade, learnt a penguin song and dance, played an ice berg game and made penguin themed snacks! They all had a wonderful afternoon and are thrilled to now sponsor their own penguin. They are looking forward to regular updates from the WWF. 

Spring - The United Kingdom 

This term Moonbeams have taken a virtual magical mystery tour around The United Kingdom. They have visited Edinburgh Castle and Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh and there was lots of excitement when we went Nessie spotting on the live Loch Ness webcam! We used Google Earth to visit the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland and famous landmarks in London. The children were captivated by the history of Stone Henge and amazed at the height of Snowdonia in Wales. 

Spring - Marvellous Math's!

Some wonderful pictures of practical math's in action with the reception children. 

Spring - Chinese New Year

The children have enjoyed finding out about and celebrating Chinese New Year. Some of our reception children created these wonderful Chinese Dragon models using K'nex. They also wrote some very important 'Do not touch!' signs to keep their models safe!

Spring - Colour Mixing

Year 1 have been mixing different hues of blue and yellow to create varying shades of green. We love to see how they share their knowledge with the reception children during their independent learning time! 

Spring - Super Scientists!

Moonbeams started off the new year with a bit of weather watching. They put their DT skills to use by making wind socks and rain gauges to measure and record the local weather. They also learnt how to read a thermometer and are looking forward to the summer when they can compare the hot temperatures to the cold temperatures of the winter.

Autumn Term - The last week!

What better way to finish our first term in Moonbeams than writing instructions to make chocolate mug cakes (which also included eating the cakes!) and celebrating with a Christmas party! 



The children particularly enjoyed a video of Michael Rosen telling his 'Chocolate Cake' story - definitely a firm favourite in the Moonbeams class.

Chocolate Cake | POEM | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Autumn Term - It's Christmas!!

The autumn term would not be complete without the annual Christmas Performance!

Slightly different this year as our grown ups could not be with us but we did record our play's so that everyone could share the moment. 



Autumn Term - A Place Called Home

The Moonbeams have been thinking carefully about where we live, our homes and how they compare to different ways of life from all around the world such as China, Sweden and Indonesia. 

The children have loved using the internet and images to find out about different climates, food and styles of houses. The Moonbeams have used maps, atlas and globes to locate the countries we have been learning about. They were fascinated by all of the similarities and differences they found!



Making and labelling simple maps of our bedrooms

Inspired by the book 'My Map Book' by Sara Fanelli, the children then made their own maps of their bedroom. They used coloured paper to make the features of their room, then added details with pens and finally labelled the features of their bedroom. 

Autumn Term - Enterprise Week!

During Enterprise week each class is given the challenge of making something to sell.

For this challenge our Reception Moonbeams worked alongside the Sunbeams class and the Year 1s worked with the Neverland class - two different projects in one week, it was busy but they did it!

The Reception Moonbeams made their own Christmas cards to sell to friends and family. The Year 1 Moonbeams made their own split pin Santa decorations. Together all of the Moonbeams made animal friendly Reindeer Food. 



All of the Moonbeams joined in exploring moving parts of toys and finding out how moving parts work. They also mastered the skill of using split pins to make a moving part. 

Autumn Term - Beebots

This term Mrs Hodgkins has been teaching the children how to programme Beebots - it's not as easy as you would think!

The children are now able to get the Beebots out independently and like to work together to see if they can programme the Beebot to travel to a certain square or picture on the map.



Autumn Term - Finding out about the past...

The Moonbeams have been taking a step back in time, looking at how they have changed since they were babies and changes over time to local landmarks such as Brunton Park and Hammond's Pond. 

The highlight of this theme had to be finding out and learning about the Titanic. The history of the Titanic really captivated the Moonbeams and soon it was all they could talk about! They made boats in the outdoor area with wooden blocks, Lego model's of the Titanic, artwork and wrote stories based on what they had learnt. 

We also took a virtual tour of 'Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition' which gave the children an incredible insight into the legendary Titanic's short voyage. 



Autumn Term - BIG PE!

Moonbeams have had a wonderful time using the large apparatus during our PE time. They have been building their confidence when using large equipment. Our focus here was developing our balance and finding new ways to travel across the apparatus. 



Autumn Term - Painting, drawing, colour mixing and more!


The Moonbeams are a creative bunch and are never happier than when they are working on new art projects! They like to work together, share their skills and produce wonderful pieces of art. Moonbeams have access to a variety of creative resources throughout the classroom - here are some of their projects in action!




Alongside their independent projects, Year 1 are enjoying taking part in Kapow art lessons (our school art scheme). This term our lessons have included creating abstract compositions, colour mixing with play doh, exploring line and painting with colour. Our reception Moonbeams often join in with the Kapow lessons and the Year 1's love to show off and teach them what they have learnt!