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Sunbeam Class

   Welcome to Sunbeams Class

The Fire Engine came to visit the school and we had a fantastic time looking at all the equipment on the engine. All the children got to sit in the cab and beeped the was very loud! We even got a turn at using the fire hose across the car park,,,the children were amazed to see that they had made a rainbow in the air!


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The children learned why it was so important to have a smoke alarm at home and then they got to try on the uniforms that protect the fire officers in a fire...the helmet was very heavy and the jacket was just a bit too big!

Guess who the new fire officer is...

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We had a super time at Christmas! Santa came to Upperby and we all went to visit him in his magic grotto. Because we had all been good boys and girls, Santa gave us each a super pressie to take home! Mrs Sutherland wore her elf suit so that she could be Santa's special helper -doesn't she look the part! 

We created a Santa's Workshop in Sunbeams class and the elves had to get very busy wrapping presents to put under the Christmas tree. We got lots of practice using our fingers to hold the scissors, cut and join the paper with sellotape and we had to measure the boxes very carefully to make sure that we had a piece of paper big enough to wrap them.

At the end of each half term we count up how many Upperby Shop points we have collected while we have been in school. We were all very excited to take our Upperby pounds to the shop in Mrs Hodgkin's office so that we could choose a special prize.

Once a week we share a story with our grownups in the classroom. Sometimes the Year 6 children come down to read stories to us. We have lots of favourites stories that we like to join in with!

Learning through play. The children in Reception are encouraged to follow their own interests, making their own decisions about where they want to play and what they want to do during their busy time!

We have lots of fun outdoors too, with plenty opportunities to do everything on a bigger scale! Our outdoor sheds have everything inside that we might need and we choose the equipment ourselves. We are also getting very good now at putting things away in the right places!

We love exploring maths indoors and outdoors...counting, recognising numerals, filling and emptying, measuring and looking for shapes.

We have been working hard to learn our new sounds this term...listening for the sounds in words and blending them together to read or segmenting them to spell the word. We are trying really hard to hold our pencils with our "nippy fingers" and get the letter shapes the right way around!

4 Children Parents Guide

The above guide is designed to help you to understand how your child is developing and has some really good ideas for how you can support your child's learning at home.

In Reception year, it is expected that a typical child will be beginning to work within the 40-60 age band and should be achieving the Early Learning Goals (ELG) by the end of the year.