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Summer Term

Art and Design - 14.5.21 - Kandinsky - Using different media

This week the children have been learning about the Russian artist Kandinsky.  They have been looking at some of his paintings and thinking about how music influenced his artwork.  They then created their own artwork using shapes and exploring with many types of media to colour the different sections. 

This week we have been exploring different kinds of maps and the children worked together in groups to create a plan of the classroom. They then had fun using their plan to play a game, where one person hides a bear and gives the others a clue where to find it by putting a little bear on the classroom plan.

History - 7.5.21 - The story of the Wright brothers

After learning more about how the Wright brothers achieved success with inventing the first powered aeroplane the children all had fun taking part in a team quiz. They then worked together to put events from the lives of the Wright brothers into chronological order. As an extra challenge they matched some dates to complete their timelines. ✈️

Art & Design - 6.5.21 - Mixing shades of green

History/Science 30.4.21 - What did the Wright brothers do to become famous?

In our history session today we started to learn about the Wright brothers and how they invented the first powered aeroplane. ✈️ 

We had lots of fun trying to make our own planes from different types of paper and investigated if the paper we used would affect how far the plane would fly.  To make our test fair we decided to use the same size paper, the same plane design and test them in the same place.  We all made a prediction about what paper would work best.


Which type of paper will make the plane fly the furthest?

Science 29.4.21 - Making a craft plant to help us learn about the different parts

Science week investigation - What do seeds need to help them grow?

We have planted some beans and left one pot in a sunny place and one pot in a cupboard where it is dark. To make our test fair we decided to make sure each pot had the same amount of compost and water.  We made some predictions about what we think will happen and will be checking regularly to see if there are any changes.


We have also decided to investigate if cress seeds need water to grow.  We have placed some seeds in a container and given them water and some seeds in a container with no water. 


We are excited to find out what will happen next!

Wellbeing Wednesday 28.4.21 - Professor Pinwheel!

Today we met our first mental health superhero - Professor Pinwheel!  We learnt how the power of breathing deeply can help blast away negative energy. We made our own pinwheels to practice with and use whenever we need them. 

Science week investigation - Colour changing celery experiment (how do plants drink water?)

Later in the week...

Science 27.4.21 - We can plant sunflower seeds!


Our science week focus will be on plants. The class came up with some great ideas for what they would like to find out.

PSHE - Understanding how diseases spread and how to prevent it.

Science - 23.4.21 - What is a plant?

Today we started to learn about plants and explored the plants growing in our school garden.  We then drew a map of the garden to show where the plants could be found. 

Today we read the book ‘10 Things I Can Do To Help My World’ and talked about why it’s important to look after our planet. We all made Earth Day crowns and wrote about some of the small changes we could make that will make a big difference to helping our world. 🌎