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Spring Term

Maths - Measuring and comparing - height and length activities

D&T 30.3.21 - Fabric Easter Egg Project Finishing Touches!

D&T 23.3.21 - Fabric Easter Egg Project Sewing

Art 19.3.21 - Observational drawing of daffodils using oil pastels

D&T 19.3.21 - Fabric Easter Egg Project Design

RE 18.3.21 - How might Jesus be welcomed by Christians today?

Art 18.3.21 - Observational drawing of daffodils using pencil

D&T 12.3.21 - Learning how to do a simple running stitch

Maths 8.3.21 - Making one more or one less with numbers to 50

1.3.21 - PSHE/Circle Time - What should I do if I'm feeling lonely?

We began our circle time by recalling the five circle time skills that we need to use:

Good looking skills

Good listening skills 

Good speaking skills

Good thinking skills

Good concentration skills


Today some of the children shared their experiences of feeling lonely and we discussed what they could do if they were ever feeling lonely in the future. We finished our session by working together to pass the rainmaker around the circle without making a noise, they were brilliant at this!

1.3.21 - St. David’s Day morning activities

Healthy Lunch Boxes

This afternoon we recapped what the children had learnt about healthy foods this week and talked about the amounts of foods we should eat.  Everyone then had to choose some healthy foods to create their own lunch box.

This afternoon the children recapped their learning on the different types of marks we could make and then explored making marks with their feet. Which everyone thought was very funny!

We then moved on to talking about our favourite colours and how different colours can make us feel.  After looking at some photos of rainbows, everyone thought about how to choose colours to express emotion by creating a ‘sad’ rainbow.

Our final art activity was to create a self-portrait, in the style of Picasso, using colours to express how we were feeling.


EPIC Reading Time!

27.1.21 - What is the history of London?

25.1.21 - Flamenco Time!

Still image for this video
The children loved learning some Flamenco dance moves.

Part 2

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