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Reception 2021 New Starter Information

 🌜 Welcome! 🌞

We are delighted that you have chosen Upperby Primary School and we are looking forward to meeting you very soon!

We have two separate classes for Reception children ...Sunbeams and Moonbeams. We both share the outside play areas, spend some time joining in with shared play activities, visit each other's classrooms and go for lunch together. 

Here are some photos of our indoor and outdoor areas...what do you think you would like to do when you come to school?

Coronavirus information

Both Reception classes are considered to be in the same "bubble". 

We have hand sanitiser spray in each class and children will be shown how to give their hands a "squoosh" during the sessions, on entry and exit to the classrooms as well as washing their hands regularly with soap and water. It would really help us if you could practise this process with your child and get them used to washing their own hands before they come into school in September! 

This is the way we wash our hands......

Parent Welcome Pack

We are putting together Parent Welcome Packs for all our children starting with us in September.

You can collect your pack from the Reception area playground (follow the path up from the Uldale Road entrance) on 


Monday 12th July or Tuesday 13th July between 3.45 pm and 4.00 pm


The Reception Teachers, Miss Davidson (Sunbeams) and Miss Henry (Moonbeams) will be ready to say hello and answer any questions you may have when you arrive!


Inside the pack there are

  • important forms that will need to be filled in and returned to the school office in September
  • the Unique Child form, which will need to be filled in and returned to the Class Teacher in September 
  • the Parents Guide to Reception ( also here on the website -see below)
  • some activity ideas for the holidays

It is really important that you collect your pack from school - if you cannot manage to be there on that day, please let us know and we will arrange an alternative time for you to collect it from the office.



Breakfast and After School Clubs

Breakfast and After School Club will be running in September.  Our start and finish times are 7.50am and finishes 5.45pm.  Breakfast club costs £3 a day and after school club £6 each day.

If you are interested in a place for your child, please contact our school office.

Free School Meals and Clothing Grant

You may qualify for an extra allowance that offers some financial help with buying uniforms etc. Parents should now apply online...just fill in the form on the direct link below to see if you qualify.

This is our guide for parents, which gives you lots of important information that you will need at the beginning of the year, including :

  • Classes and Teaching Staff
  • Coming and going 
  • Uniform
  • Dinners
  • Snacks and milk
  • PE and the outdoors, including clothes for outdoors
  • Water bottles and book bags
  • Upperby School Ethos
  • Curriculum in the Early Years
  • The Characteristics of Learning
  • Communication with Parents
  • Term dates for the school year

Tapestry Online Learning Journal

We use 'Tapestry' throughout our Early Years to record our observations of what the children do -we want to make sure that all of our parents are confident with using Tapestry from when the children first come into school.

When the staff have logged an observation with a photo or short video, it can be sent straight to parents so that you can see what's going on too! You can join in and upload photos and videos from home; this might be the moments when you see that your child is making progress with counting or phonics,it might be them telling a story or a record of a day trip or holiday (how often do we ask the children where they went and they just shrug their shoulders!) - now we can see these and reply back to you and we can also share the observations with the rest of the class at carpet time. 

It works in a very similar way to other social media can 'like' an observation so that we know you have seen it or, even better, you can make a comment about what you have seen!

You will get an activation email from us ...when you see it, click on it and follow the instructions to set up your account. There are some short videos now on Youtube that you can watch to help you with this and other aspects of using Tapestry at home.


Tapestry for parents/relatives: Setting up your account

This video runs through how to set up your account as a parent or relative on Tapestry. Your child's school, nursery or childminder will need to initially se...

Tapestry for parents/relatives: Adding an observation

This video runs through how as a parent or relative on Tapestry you can add your own observations of your children.

Helping your child be school ready

A great video from Penny Tassoni, Early Years author and education consultant

Skills for starting school from PACEY

The Early Learning Goals

At the end of Reception Year, children's progress is measured against the Early Learning Goals, as an expected level of development for a typical 5 year old child - children will be either emerging towards or will be working at the expected level.

We have detailed the revised Early Learning Goals, new for 2021,in the Parent Information booklet but you can find the whole document here.

School Lunches

Lots of our children choose to have a school dinner as there is currently no charge due to the Universal Free School Meals offer. Meals should be ordered online in advance and the school office will provide you with your login details.

If you prefer, you can provide your child with a packed lunch -here are some great ideas for nutritious and healthy packed lunches.....