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Welcome to our Reception Class Page!

We have 2 Reception Classes, with up to 30 children in each - 

🌈 Rainbows and Sunbeams 🌞


Summer in Reception

Lockdown 3!

Well, what a time we have had since the Christmas holidays!

So many of the children have been at home and they have carried on with their learning with their grownups...we are so proud of them!

We have been doing so many things...learning about day and night, light and dark, space and the planets...and of course, wondering about aliens! The children designed and made their own rockets, space ships and made up their own shadow puppets for their shows at home. We celebrated all things French and build our own versions of the Eiffel Tower and made croissants and even tried out the Cancan!

We have been learning about counting, measuring and comparing with Miss Cooper and the White Rose Maths and have been doing our reading and spelling with the team from Read Write Inc 


A huge thankyou to all the parents who have worked so hard to keep their children learning at home and who have tirelessly sent in photos that make us smile when we see how well the children have been getting on and how much they have enjoyed their learning, no matter how different it has been! 🤗

🎄 It's Christmas !!! 🎄

Wow...what a surprise we had just before Christmas....Santa was doing his checks to make sure that he could see all the boys and he turned up on his Sleigh to have a chat and sing a song! 

We made our own hats to wear for our Christmas parties and we played games and had a feast!

We couldn't have our usual Christmas performance this year, so instead the boys and girls sent a video message out to their grownups! ❤️

Children in Need

We all helped to support the Pudsey Bear Children in Need Day...children got dressed up and brought a donation into school! We had lots of Pudsey fun!

Maths Art

We got creative for part of our White Rose Maths sessions, learning about triangles and circles. We looked at some of the artwork by Kandinsky and discovered that he used shapes in his we had a go too, using all sorts of different approaches!

Remembrance Day

The children have been learning about Remembrance Day. We watched the CBeebies film and watched how the poppies are made. The children wanted to have a go at making their own poppies...some were beautiful pictures and some were made to wear.

Our new children have settled in so well this September...we are very proud of them!

This is our guide for parents, which gives you lots of important information that you will need during the year, including :

  • Classes and Teaching Staff
  • Coming and going 
  • Uniform
  • Dinners
  • Snacks and milk
  • PE and the outdoors, including clothes for outdoors
  • Water bottles and book bags
  • Upperby School Ethos
  • Curriculum in the Early Years
  • The Characteristics of Learning
  • Communication with Parents
  • Term dates for the school year

Parent Guide 2020-2021

Free School Meals and Clothing Grant

You may qualify for an extra allowance that offers some financial help with buying uniforms etc. Parents should now apply online...just fill in the form on the direct link below to see if you qualify.

Tapestry Online Learning


We use 'Tapestry' throughout our Early Years to record our observations of what the children do -we want to make sure that all of our parents are confident with using Tapestry from when the children first come into school.


When the staff have logged an observation with a photo or short video, it can be sent straight to parents so that you can see what's going on too! You can join in and upload photos and videos from home; this might be the moments when you see that your child is making progress with counting or phonics,it might be them telling a story or a record of a day trip or holiday (how often do we ask the children where they went and they just shrug their shoulders!) - now we can see these and reply back to you and we can also share the observations with the rest of the class at carpet time. 


It works in a very similar way to other social media can 'like' an observation so that we know you have seen it or, even better, you can make a comment about what you have seen!

You will get an activation email from us ...when you see it, click on it and follow the instructions to set up your account. There are some short videos now on Youtube that you can watch to help you with this and other aspects of using Tapestry at home.

Our Curriculum

In Reception, we use the 'Development Matters' document and the 'Statutory Framework for the EYFS' to plan and structure our curriculum.


The current Early Learning Goals reflect the typical level of achievement reached by a child at the end of Reception Year -these examples are taken from the 'What to expect, when' document written especially for parents, which very clearly and simply explain the content of the Development Matters Document. Please remember that all children differ in their levels of ability and that the ages and stages in months are intended as a guide only...some children may be working at a higher or lower level. If you have any concerns, please contact the school and ask to speak to your child's teacher.

The full 'What to expect, when' guide

An important aspect of the Early Years curriculum are the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' - these give us an insight into HOW your child learns in school, specifically :-

  • Their engagement...through Playing and Exploring
  • Their motivation...through Active Learning
  • Their thinking...through Creating and Thinking Critically
We look for these characteristics constantly throughout the year, both in structured tasks and also in the child initiated play. Maybe you see some of these aspects when your child is at home too?

Read Write Inc

We use the Read, Write Inc scheme to teach our reading and writing, both in Reception Year and beyond. Ruth Miskin, the creator of the scheme, has made a series of short, informative videos for parents to clearly explain how we teach using 'phonics' and how parents can support at home.

We begin teaching the Set 1 'speed sounds' early in the Autumn term, once the children have had time to settle in to their new classes. The way the sounds are pronounced is very important, and there is a handy video to explain here :-


We introduce the White Rose Maths Scheme during the Reception Year and this is followed on throughout the rest of the school. This slideshow gives you an indication of content and also the long term plan for the year and the Autumn term, which is more specific. The scheme promotes the idea of  ' digging deeper' so that children develop a greater understanding of how to use and apply their knowledge in a wide variety of mathematical situations.