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Physical Education

Our Physical Education co-ordinators are: 


Mr Codd & Miss Taylor



Physical Education


Our PE lessons are enjoyable and a great opportunity to learn new skills as well as consolidating skills in gymnastics, games, dance and swimming. We also evaluate our performance and think about how we can improve. Look at all the exciting things we get up to! 


In reception, we work to improve our skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement through play and structured activities. 

Year 1

Children's opinions: 

Charlotte: We worked with Sam and Michael to do some dancing. I really enjoyed it. My favourite dance was the Hakka.


Brandon: We do skipping and running with Mr. Mason. When he shouts an animal, we have to be that animal. I think my favourite thing is showing everyone in the class what I have done.

Year 2

Children's Opinions: 

Olivia: We have been doing Guy Fawkes dances. My favourite part of PE is copying the dances off the cards.


Indianna: We have been doing dancing. We have to look at the cards to tell us what to do. I love the digging dance.





Year 3

Children's opinions: 

Erin: I enjoy swimming when you put your face in the water. I love the game where we have to get the sinkers.


Logan: It’s really fun jumping in the deep end!


Michaela: I really like doing games like swimming through the ring and treasure hunt. I love going in the deep end and I like swimming a lot!



Year 4

Children's opinions: 


Alex: I love dance because I can’t dance but I like learning new dance moves. I liked the hockey. I really like P.E.


Harry: I think I do well in P.E. I really enjoy hockey because it is something new.





Year 5

Children's opinions:

Shannon : There isn’t lots of talking so there is lots of doing the activity (At Richard Rose Central Academy). They showed us the correct techniques. The Secondary school pupils are a good help.


Imogen: It is really good! The instructors reassured us we wouldn’t fall off the trampoline. The bouldering was really safe and fun.


Hayden: It’s okay because the people really know what they are doing. Rock climbing is fun and trampolining is a cool experience.


Eve: I’ve enjoyed learning new skills on the trampoline and how to climb on the rock climbing section.


Tag Rugby





Bouldering & Trampolining at Richard Rose Central 




Year 6

Children's opinions: 

Amie: I have enjoyed dance because I liked making up our own routine for the Charleston. I also enjoyed the judo taster session.


Kobe: I really enjoyed the judo session. I liked tennis because we played proper matches. Caterpillar was really fun too!



In Gymnastics we have been working with a partner to practise our key shapes, rolls and balances. We created routines and thought carefully about our transitions between positions. 


We have also been using the apparatus to practice our balances and travelling. We tried to find as many different ways to travel along the climbing frame and the other apparatus as possible. 





We have been learning how to play tennis. We learnt how to hold a racket, how to hit a forehand and backhand shot and how to move effectively to hit the ball. We learnt how to play and officiate mini-tennis games. 


We have learnt how to lead a good warm up and a cool down. The children lead their own warm ups and cool downs in small groups. 

Clean Winner

Still image for this video
A good rally between Aimee and Maizie ending in a clean winner.

Ben goes for a strong forehand

Still image for this video
A good effort at a strong forehand from Ben. However, good officiating from Harry to call it out.


Still image for this video
A good rally between Harry and Elian


Still image for this video
Kobe and Danny are officiating correctly. A good rally between these boys


During our dance topic we have learnt some of the basic steps of the Charleston. We then worked in groups to choreograph a dance the including 4-6 different moves. 

Group 1

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Group 2

Still image for this video

Group 3

Still image for this video

Group 4

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Getting Active

Judo Taster Session

On Tuesday 13th November, Glynn came into school to give all of KS2 a 30 minute active judo session. We absolutely loved the experience because it was something different and was taught with a very quick pace. 


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Still image for this video


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