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Phunky Foods



Phunky Foods is a programme which focuses on healthy food, fitness and minds. 

We have appointed five Phunky Food ambassadors from our Year 5 classes. They are carrying on from last year as they missed this due to Covid.

They have taken part in training with our Phunky Foods lead and have undertaken many tasks such as organising home school challenges, home learning tasks and assemblies.  Their focus is the 'Eatwell plate' as well as their current message to spread.



Our Phunky Food lead came to our school and ran healthy smoothie workshops from Year 3 to 6. In Year 5 our Phunky Food ambassadors led the workshop and the children focused on their cutting and chopping skills.

Our ambassadors set a challenge for the school to make the best 'Strive for 5' message poster. Here are our winners from different Year groups!

Our ambassadors set a home learning task to make a healthy lunch for 5 days and send pictures of their creations!

During lockdown we had a virtual Phunky Food cook off! Some children were isolating so they joined the cooking session virtually from home, led by Gill, our Phunky Food leader. The rest of the children in school joined in from the classroom. We made healthy tuna couscous as part of our healthy lunch message. We practiced our cutting, grating, mixing, heating and juicing! It was a blast and all ages in school joined us!

Our ambassadors gave a presentation of their key message to their class!