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Parental Questionnaire Results

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who responded to the questionnaires that were available during our Parent Meetings in October 2019.  We are delighted that 168 of our families have replied and that the outcome is very positive.


Of all of the parents who expressed an opinion:

- 100% agreed or strongly agreed that their child feels safe within school

- 98.8% agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend the school to another parent

- 98% agreed or strongly agreed that their child is happy within school

- 98% agreed or strongly agreed that school makes sure that its pupils are well-behaved


Some of the comments made included:

- Amazing!  Moved my children here last year.  Best choice I've made!

- My son really enjoys school.  He is doing really well and we are both really happy with his progress.    He really loves all his teachers and the clubs he has attended.

- Stop using sugar in clubs or for incentives.  Thank you for your hard work.

- Very good school, very kind teachers.  My kids are very very happy.

- Not as many clubs available for my son's year group.

- My daughter has a wonderful time at Upperby and loves coming to school.

- Clubs are difficult to get places if you don't have the money when the clubs are open for take-ins,        leading to disappointment.

- Upperby is a great school, sees each child as a whole - much more than just a SATs score.  Great 

  staff, very caring - go above and beyond to help out.  Can't speak highly enough - love the place.


We are pleased with the responses given in the questionnaires and continually work hard to ensure that your child has the best possible experience whilst within our care at Upperby Primary School.  Please see full questionnaire results below.