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Parent Questionnaire Results - December 2020

Parent Questionnaire December 2020


Thank you to all the parents who responded to the parents questionnaire sent out by the Governing body.   127 parents responded and the information helps us to improve our school.  


- 98% agreed or strongly agreed that their child is happy at school.

- 97% agreed or strongly agreed that their child feels safe within school

- 97% agreed or strongly agreed that if their child attended the childcare hub they felt safe and looked     after during this time.

- 96% agreed or strongly agreed that they were happy with my child's experience at Upperby Primary       school.

- 96% agreed or strongly agreed that their child does well at our school.

- 95% agreed or strongly agreed that during COVID restrictions they were supported by the school.


We will continually work hard to ensure that your child has the best possible experience whilst within our care at Upperby Primary School. 


Actions going forward from this questionnaire 


More information for parents about the curriculum.  We recognise that this information is sent over the year via paper format.  This year we have included more detail about the curriculum on each class page and also on the curriculum pages.  We have altered the website to make it easier to find information.


More contact with parents via e-mail and telephone to ensure more effective communication between school and parents.


Due to difficulties with Covid restrictions, parents have less opportunities to come into school and see the school in action, we will increase access to the school as soon as restrictions make this possible.  This will enable parents to see how well behaved the children are in school and join their children for learning activities.