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Parent Letter - 25th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers


Home Learning

We would like to send another huge thank you to you all, you are doing a fantastic job under very challenging circumstances.   We understand some days are easier than others, we are very proud of all the work you do.  We love the photographs of the activities and work you have been doing and please keep sending these in. Thank you to those parents who emailed us to tell us how their children have enjoyed and benefited from their online learning. This means so much to our staff and all emails have been forwarded on to them.


We continue to review the on-line learning within the government guidelines, we know from feedback that you like the interactive sessions with staff.  Please look out for the links to the sessions on google classroom or tapestry and try and join in.  We want to ensure our children enjoy learning during this lockdown, we know that it will be the memories you make as a family that the children will remember in years to come. 

From this week the whole school will now participate in ‘Screen-free Fridays’ where we will encourage everyone to avoid using any tablets, laptops or computers on a Friday afternoon.  There are plenty of ideas of other things you can get up to which will be posted on Google Classroom each Friday morning.  We look forward to hearing about your Screen-free Fridays!  We would love for you and your children to simply enjoy the afternoon together and enjoy making memories together.  Please feel free to take photographs and share them on Google Classroom / Tapestry or tweet them to us (the following week).


For all issues relating to on-line learning email

Families may be still struggling with some technical aspects, such as limited broadband or limitations of devices they have.  Please do not battle on alone, we are here to help if we can in any way. Please let us know.


Book Exchange

Book exchange continue to be a great success last week.  It is the best part of the week for the staff and it was lovely to see so many of you!   We hope to see you again this week.


We will continue to provide an exchange of book(s) for your child(ren) closely linked to their reading level, printed worksheets to supplement learning on-line, replacement home learning books and support for families struggling with any technical issues. We need to ensure social distancing so it will be organised in year groups, however if you have children in different year groups come to just one of the days and we will cater for all the children at one time.


Please let us know in advance, then books/resources can be organised.                    Contact via


Please come at the specific times for each class within the year groups.  All adults must wear a mask and maintain social distancing.   Please enter via NURSERY ROAD GATE and come to the hall door only – please respect the safety of staff and stay in the parent’s area.     Times for classes are on the school website.


COVID19 information

We continue to need to know if we have children who have tested positive or children who are self-isolating, even if they are learning on-line.  For this and any general concerns please contact the school on    Please do not use any other e-mail account to contact school and then we can ensure that the senior leadership team are seeing all communications from parents.


Key Worker and Vulnerable children places in school

Spaces in school are very limited as we continue to ensure that the children are in Year group bubbles and the staff work with very limited numbers of children.  If you child has a place in school please ensure you inform school of the days needed each week so that we are able to maximise the use of the spaces.  If your child is going to absent for any reason, please ensure you contact school in the normal way to report the absence.


Critical key workers who may now wish to apply for a place need to contact school via    Allocations for all children are made each Friday and we can’t guarantee places for the duration of the lockdown.  Please do not send you child to school unless you have had a confirmation e-mail.  We try our best to accommodate requests, evidence of key worker status is requested before the place is allocated.


I would like to thank everyone in our school community for everything they are doing at this time to ensure we all stay as safe as possible.  My thoughts go out to families who have to self-isolate, have loved ones ill at this time or families who have lost loved ones.  I know that the strength we had as a community during the first lockdown helped us through and I am sure this will be case again.  We are here to support our Upperby Family, so please get in touch with us, sometimes just a chat can help. 


Please take care and stay safe.


Yours sincerely


J Hodgkins  

Head Teacher