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Information 16th September 2020

Dear parents and carers


I hope everyone is settling into the new systems we are having to operate due to the on-going situation with COVID.  We are trying to keep everyone up to date with information and ensure the health and safety of all the children in school.  We are now sending all letters home via e-mail, please inform the school if you have changed your e-mail account.  We will send a text to say that we have sent an e-mail.  Please also remember to check the website for any updated information on a regular basis.


Many parents are concerned that their children may have symptoms and people are going for tests.   School has to maintain records of this for attendance purposes.


Starting from Thursday 17th September we have been asked to ensure that we send the attached letter out to every child who is sent home with suspected coronavirus.  We have also been asked by Public Health to send out letters to all families of children within the bubble (close contact) saying that there is a suspected case.  This does not mean we have a positive case. We are not sending these letters to frighten or scare people.  It is to ensure that we are open and transparent about what is happening within school and allow you to consider your own actions.  It may be that you were going to visit an old or vulnerable person and you decide that you will not until you have received a text giving the all clear.


This is what will happen if a child becomes ill in school with one of the 3 identified symptoms:

1.      The child will be isolated and parents/carers called to pick up child immediately

2.      The parents/carers will be sent letter outlining very clear next steps

3.       All other families of children within that bubble / class will be sent letter saying there has been a suspected case within the bubble.   We will inform other schools if there are siblings.   At no time will any child or staff member be identified.

4. AT THIS POINT ALL OTHER CHILDREN IN THE BUBBLE/CLASS CAN STILL ATTEND SCHOOL, there is no reason for them to go home unless there are symptoms.

5. As soon as parents let us know the results we will text and inform bubble/class families the next steps i.e. NEGATIVE – no further action.  POSITIVE – we will follow the Public Health instructions and parents will receive further information.


We ask parents to contact the school as soon as possible to let us know if they are taking their child for a test and inform us of the symptoms your child has.  Parents are asked to contact school with the results of the test as soon as possible.  This will enable school to inform parents of children within the bubble/class, just as we would if a child had become ill in school.  No child will be allowed to return to school without proof of a negative test – such as a screen shot of the negative result sent to your phone.


Please do not hesitate to contact school if you have any concerns.  We really appreciate your support during this challenging time.


Yours sincerely

Mrs J Hodgkins