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Frequently Asked Questions for returning to school


Children’s FAQ’s about returning to Upperby Primary school after COVID-19


Do I  have to return to school?

The government recently said that some children should return to school from 1st June.  Since that date we have been organising the school for you to return.  Your parents have the decision to make for you and your family.  This is a very tricky decision and I know it will not be easy, however we will support our families whatever they decide.

Who will be in my class?

We will organise the children into ‘bubbles’ of about 10 children – so it will be like a team, all working together and playing together.    We will try and make sure you are with someone you know, however our teams are small and you will soon make new friends.

What will it be like in school?

The staff will be here and we will be very happy to see you in school.  We will have some new routines, we will help you to remember these new routines.  We will have to be very careful with handwashing and keeping our distance from other people.  You will be spaced out in the classrooms, with only about 10 children in each class.  You have a table all to yourself that you will use every time you are in school and have all your own equipment on your table.   You will need to stay at your table as much as possible so that you are able to keep your distance from other children in your bubble.

Who will teach me?

For children in Year 6,  you will be taught by the Year 6  and Year 5 teaching team, so you will have a friendly face.   In Year 1 you may not have the same teacher, however you will know the teaching assistants, so you will have a friendly face –and Mrs Hodgkins will not be far away.  Each bubble will have their own teacher or teaching assistant team and they will be with you all the time you are in school. 

Do I need to wear school uniform?

We would like you to wear your school jumper (if it still fits !!) and comfortable clothes (not jeans)- we like to be outside as much as possible for exercise and fresh air.  It is very important that you change your whole school outfit every day to help stop the spread of germs.

What happens at lunch time?

Lunch will be in the classroom  with all the other children in your bubble.   Everyone will have a packed lunch.  Please do not share any of your lunch with anyone else.   You will then have a playtime outside, but you must stay with the children in your own bubble and not mix with other groups, this will help stop the spread of germs.

Do we have a playtime?

Yes we will have playtime, these will be with the other children in your bubble.  You cannot mix with children from other bubbles to help stop the spread of germs.  You will not be allowed to play on the play equipment. 

Do we have any new school rules?

We will have some new rules and it is very important that everyone follows them to ensure we are all safe.

  • We only work and play with children in our ‘bubble’.
  • We will only use equipment provided by our teacher.
  • We will follow social distancing by keeping away from each other and our teacher.
  • We will follow the hygiene rules about handwashing and using tissues when we sneeze or cough.
  • We tell an adult if we feel unwell.

What will we be learning?

We will be completing the work on study ladder, just like the children who are not coming into school.  We will work on maths and English in the morning, to help you remember all the things we were teaching you before Easter.  In the afternoon we will work on other subjects.  The children in Year 6 will be covering work to help them get ready to move to secondary school.

What happens if I feel ill?

It is very important to tell your teacher if you do not feel well.  They will look after you in a special room until your parents can take you home.

Will people be wearing face masks and gloves?

You may see people wearing masks on the way to school.  In school we would not be wearing masks or gloves unless we have to look after someone who has had an accident or feels unwell.  If you come to school with a face covering you will be asked to put it in your tray until you go home.

How many times do I have to wash my hands?

It is very important to wash your hands to stop germs spreading.  We will ask you to wash your hands when you arrive at school and several times during the day.  You will also need to sanitise your hands each time you leave or enter the classroom.

Can I bring anything to school?

We would like you to just bring your water bottle and your packed lunch.  On the first day we ask that you bring your reading book bag and the books you took home in March.  Please do not bring anything else to school.  You do not need to bring a P.E kit to school.

Where will I put my things?

Everyone will have tray under their tables for all their things, such as their water bottle and packed lunch.   No one else may touch the things in our tray.  

How will my teacher help me?

Our teachers will help you like before, however they may not be able to stand a close to you.  They will show you what to do and talk to you when you need help.

Which days will I come to school?

Because we have to make our ‘bubbles’ small we can’t have all the children in school at all times.  Each ‘bubble’ will be told which days they will be in school.  Most groups will have two days in school a week and then work at home on other days.

I hope this helps you understand what school will be like – most of all, we will have FUN and we will look after you.   If you have any worries the teacher looking after you is there to help.

If you have any questions I have not thought of please e-mail them to      I will send you a reply so that you will not worry.

I am looking forward to seeing you in school, however if you are still working from home we will still try and phone you and you can keep sending your pictures into