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Drop off Times Parents Letter 16th September

Dear Parents/carers

Upperby Primary School staff are working hard to ensure that we are all as safe as possible. Thank you to all the families who are supporting us by arriving at the correct time for drop off and pick up.  These are tough times for us all.


We appreciate that you may be anxious, worried, frustrated or upset when you speak with us but please remember we are human beings just trying our very best to do our jobs.  Rudeness or aggressive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated. All we want is to keep your children, you, ourselves and our own families safe and well.   


Parents who have to drop children off at different gates should plan to drop off at the earliest time slot first and then move to the other gate.  Staff will be available until all the children are in school at 9.00am.


Any child arriving after 9.00am should be taken to the CDC entrance on Uldale Road.

NO ONE SHOULD ACCESS THE SCHOOL GROUNDS UNTIL AFTER 8.35am when a member of staff gives permission to enter through the gates. 

Due to some congestion at the Uldale Road gate we have adjusted times from THURSDAY 17th SEPTEMBER


NEW TIMES ARE AS FOLLOWS FOR ULDALE ROAD ENTRANCE DROP OFF.  Collection times will continue to be the same.  



8.35am – YEAR 6 Only


8.40am – Nursery children only


8.45am – Reception children only


8.50am – Year 5 children only


3.00pm – 3.15pm RECEPTION


3.05pm YEAR 6


3.15pm  YEAR 5


3.15pm – 3.30pm  Nursery


Drop off Timings for Nursery Road will continue to be the same

Year 2 and Year 4    8.35 – 8.45am  - drop off              3.05pm collection 

Year 1 and Year 3   8.50 – 9.00am – drop off               3.15pm collection


The children are a delight in school and are responding well to the changes we have had to make for their safety.  They understand the need to keep everyone apart to stay safe.   They are enjoying being in their new classes and are working hard.