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Neverland Class    Welcome to Neverland 

Neverland is taught by Mrs Breese (Mon & Tues-am) and Miss Henry (Tues-Fri).

We are supported by our teaching assistant               Mrs Garcia.


March 2019

Easter Bonnet Competition 

A huge well done to all of the children who created an Easter Bonnet for today's parade - you all looked fabulous!

March 2019

Year 1 in action! 

Simply some photos of our wonderful Year 1 children. We love being part of their learning journey and nothing is better than seeing smiles on their faces! 

February 2019

Classroom Museum 

With a class of budding artists we are always trying to find new ways of engaging the children. This afternoon the children created their own museum full of objects found in the classroom. With some soothing music playing in the background the children moved around the tables viewing and sketching the objects on display. 

February 2019

Art Gallery

Today the children enjoyed creating their own art gallery experience. Using their skills of creating light and dark in pictures the children completed their own piece of art. Then they went around the classroom viewing all of the drawings and left a little note beside the pieces saying what they liked about the piece. All of the children were thrilled to read the notes left by their friends! 

February 2019

Instruction Writing 

There were lots of happy faces and full tummies in Neverland this morning! We are learning how to write instructions to make a sandwich which of course means making a sandwich. 

February 2019

Stay & Play

Thank you to everyone who attended this afternoon's stay and play. I am sure you will agree the children gave a fantastic display of their Spanish language skills - gracias Mrs Garcia! 

As you can see from this photograph the children were thrilled with the paper chain acts of kindness you made together. 

February 2019

Internet Safety Day

During our internet saefty activities the children in Neverland talked about the meaning of asking permission when using the internet. We discussed what was age appropriate for us to access on the internet and who to ask for permission before accessing any sites or games. In the red hands children wrote online activities they know they are not allowed to access and in the green hands are filled with activities they are allowed to access with permission. 

Can you build a house for the three little pigs? 

Neverland used a variety of resources to design and build houses for the three little pigs, but would they stay standing when the big bad wolf tried to blow them down? On this occasion the big bad wolf was played by Miss Stobbs and her hairdryer! 

January 2019

Book Making 

The children have enjoyed this terms 'Traditional Tales' theme so much it has inspired them to make their own books. The books are a fantastic example of the children's independent writing skills and we have enjoyed reading each and every one of them! We managed to get a few photos of our future authors at work today. 

January 2019

Art Day 

The children started the day by discussing famous works of art. Each group had a picture of a famous piece of art and were given questions to discuss and to note down their answers. Some of the topics for discussion were what they could see in the picture, how did it make them feel and could they tell if it was an old or new piece? 

Sketchbook Challenge - Spots 

Neverland are working on creating their own sketchbooks. Today the children were given a range of materials and ten minutes to create a page with the theme of spots. The children loved this activity, most of the children returned to the table to create more sketchbook pages! 


Next we learnt how to use a pencil to create different marks and shades for drawing. We practised applying pressure to our pencils to create light to dark lines and how to use the pencil on its edge for shading. The children were most excited to see that they could make 'mini tornados' when shading and that using a mixture of light and dark lines made shapes 'come alive' and 'popping out of the page'. 

January 2019

Raft Building Challenge

To avoid the troll under the bridge the children decided the Billy Goats could travel across the river to the meadow on a boat. However the goats had eaten everything in the field and were only left with paper straws and pipe cleaners. 

To be successful the teams had to build a raft to hold a 10g weight for 10 seconds.

Step 1. Design and build a raft.
Step 2. Draw the finished design.
Stage 3. Test the rafts and record results.
Stage 4. Make any improvements to original rafts and test again!

January 2019


To start the new year Neverland are focusing on traditional tales. This week our class book is 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. After reading the story and practicing the repeated phrases we had a go at making our own plays and performing them to our classmates!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

December 2018

Christmas Celebrations 

The last two weeks of term have been very busy and full of fun for the staff and children in Neverland. We had two wonderful performances of our Christmas Play - a huge thank you for all of your support! We had a Christmas themed family Stay & Play and finished off with our Christmas party! Here are some of the highlights...

December 2018

When the Ice Trolls came to stay.

There was lots of excitement in Neverland when the Ice Trolls came to stay! We began by exploring the features of hot and cold places.

The Ice Trolls come from a very cold country, we recognised that if they came to our country they would melt! So we conducted an investigation to find the best material to make coats to keep the Trolls cold. 


We started by choosing four different materials to investigate. We discussed the properties of these materials and where we have seen them used before. It was then up to the children to order the materials in order of which one they think would make the coldest to hottest coat and make their prediction. 
House point challenge - we worked our house teams to make four coats for the Trolls, each one the same size but a different material. Teams were awarded points along the way for good communication and teamwork. 
Then we left the Trolls for fifteen minutes before we opened the coats to see the results. The least melted Ice Troll would have the winning coat! 

December 2018

Lots of fine motor skill activities this morning to strengthen our fingers for writing. 'Suspend' is our favourite game at the moment, it gets very competitive as you see from our pictures! 

We also enjoy the balancing crocodiles! 

November 2018

BBC Children in Need - Do Your Thing!!


Lots of excited children in Neverland this morning! 

We have been learning about some of the charities supported by Children In Need and enjoyed Pudsey's Fundraising story. 

​​​​​​November 2018 

We had an incredible morning with the firemen from Cumbria Fire and Rescue. They spoke to us about some of the very important services they provide in the community and about fire safety in the home. We even got to explore the equipment on the fire engine! 


November 2018

Childrens University - Bonfire Night Safety 

Mae has been taking part in and enjoying a variety of activities as part of the Children's University. She has made this fantastic poster to remind us all to stay safe this Bonfire Night. Well done Mae!


November 2018

Rememberence Day 

As part of our Remberance Day activities Mrs Hodgkins has asked all of the children in school to make a poppy for a very special display. 

October 2018

Halloween Disco! 

​​​​​​​We all had a spook-tacular time at last night's disco! 

October 2018


Here we are exploring how to use a part-whole model. We then used our part-whole models to write our own addition sentences! 

October 2018

PE - Dance

Check out our dance moves! A big thank you to Sam our dance coach, we had a great time! 


Still image for this video

October 2018

Art & PSHE - Keith Haring 

We have been learning to look for emotions in art, to do this we have been exploring the work of Keith Haring.

Keith Haring was born in 1958 and grew up in Pennsylvania, America. He was an artist and sculptor. He created 'pop' art using cartoon like figures and displayed them in public places all over the world.

We worked together to create large graffiti style artwork just like Keith Haring's. In pairs we took turns to draw around each other in different dance style poses! 

​​​​​​Stay and Play

Our first Stay and Play session of the new school year was very busy! Lots of family and friends came to create Keith Haring inspired masterpieces using our dance pose photographs from the day before! 

October 2018


Maths in action! We have been learning how to order numbers and quantities from smallest to greatest. We also looked for numbers that are in between. As you can see we support each other in our learning and can ask our friends for help!



Neverland has PE on a Tuesday and Thursday - please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times as we sometimes get changed for other learning activities when appropriate. We will let you know when the children need additional items for outdoor sessions.


This term in PE we are studying dance with our coach Sam. So far we have had a fantastic time learning a break dancing routine and exploring some Indian dance moves! 

Art Week

September 2018


The theme for this term's Art Week is 'Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World' inspired by the book written by Kate Pankhurst.

In Year 1 we researched the life and work of Mary Anning

We found that Mary Anning is remembered as being one of the greatest fossil hunters to ever live. She was an English fossil collector, dealer and paleontologist who became known around the world for her important Jurassic discoveries. 



We have worked with Year 6 to produce a display in the hall showing everything we have learnt this week. 

We explored creating textures using a variety of tools and paints, explored print to make a dress for our own version of Mary Anning and created some very realistic dinosaur fossils! 

We also wrote our own captions full of facts about Mary.


You can see our fabulous display in the school hall!

Year 1 Planning Overview 2017-18