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Welcome to Hogwarts!


Our teacher is Miss Taylor and we are supported by Mrs Simpson. 


Our PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays. 

At the moment we are not getting changed for PE but please make sure you have trainers to change into and wear something you can run around in on these days. 





Homework is given out on a Friday and expected back in the following Friday. 

You will be given spellings, grammar, reading comprehension and arithmetic. 


Year 6 expectations. A support document for parents

Spring 2
In DT this half term we have been designing our own cars to house an electric circuit with a sensor switch. We have all sorts of designs, from police cars with sirens, to sports cars with anti-theft alarms. We decorated our nets and used craft knives to cut out all the fiddly windows. We also had to use a hacksaw to cut our axle for our wheels and create cardboard wheels of our own. Once our car body is complete we will then put in our electronics.
Our Geography topic this half term is volcanoes. We have been busy learning about how volcanoes are formed and where they are situated around the world. This week we completed a volcano scavenger hunt. We had questions to answer about 6 very famous volcanoes and had to move around the room to try and find our answers. 
After our return to school we spent the afternoon sharing how we felt during lockdown. We each said aloud an emotion we felt during lockdown and the string connected us to others who had felt the same. By the end we were all connected! Even though we were apart, we all shared the same feelings!
Home Learning

Our amazing art from home!

French Day - Create your own Eiffel Tower

Autumn 2

As part of our Christmas enterprise project we designed and made our own Christmas tree decorations. We chose to make a gingerbread man, Christmas tree or reindeer. We made lots of different designs and had to choose our favourite one to create out of felt. Because we had practised our sewing for our poppy project we felt more confident and attempted more elaborate things this time! 

In Design and Technology  we made poppies for Remembrance Day. We looked at other fabric poppies that people had designed and used these to inspire us. Then we created a template and used it to create our poppy out of felt. It was a challenge sewing on our designs but in the end we managed!

In PSHE we have been exploring how  to avoid peer pressure and looking at how to stand up for ourselves. We read a play altogether then had to finish the ending ourselves. We worked in groups to create our script and then acted out our scenario to the rest of the class. 

We are currently reading Malamander by Thomas Taylor. 

This book is all about Violet Parma and Herbet Lemon as they go off on an adventure around Eerie-on-Sea to find out why Violet's parents mysteriously vanished 12 years ago. 

Together the pair meet a whole array of weird and wonderful characters including Mr Seegol who owns the fish and chip shop and mad Mrs Fossil who loves to beachcomb. 

But will they meet the mysterious sea creature that is said to haunt the town - the malamander? 

Autumn 1

In Music we have been learning how to play the song "Happy" by

Pharell Williams on the xylophones. We have been mastering how to clap a rhythm and keep the pulse of the music. Then we looked at using 3 notes to make the tune. We have also had a chance to make our own compositions and had a go at writing them down using music notes on the stave. 



In Art we have been looking at LS Lowry and studying how he drew his industrial landscapes and matchstick men. We have explored how to sketch lines and create different tones and texture in our work. 





Our history work this term is all based around WWII. In English we were set the task of writing a debate about who was affected most by evacuation - the children in the cities or the children in the countryside. Before we wrote our debates in our English books we held a silent debate and argued with one another on paper!








We are currently reading The Beast and the Bethany by Jack Meggitt-Phillips. 

We are really excited to be one of the first classes reading this book as it doesn't actually come out until the 1st October 2020 - Miss Taylor has a very special proof copy! 

The main character is Ebeneezer Tweezer - a man who is 511 years old and looks after a grotesque beast who vomits anything he wants for him (including a special anti-ageing potion) in return for food. However, when the beast asks for a child to eat Ebeneezer faces his biggest challenge yet in the form of Bethany - a bratty, obnoxious girl who really doesn't want to be beast food!