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Welcome to Hogwarts!


Our teacher is Miss Taylor and we are supported by Mrs Simpson. 




Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. 

Please make sure you have your full kit on these days, including trainers. 





Homework is given out on a Friday and due in the following Friday. 

You will have spellings, maths, reading and a SPaG task. 



What We've Been Learning



This week in our Geography lessons we have been learning about how earthquakes are measured. We looked at the different scales used to measure magnitude and how a seismograph works. We were then challenged to create our own using objects from around the classroom. Our seismographs were then tested by mini earthquakes (table shaking) to see if they would produce a graph. 


In PE we have been busy revising our key shapes and rolls. Then we created partner balances in our pairs and made these into a small routine. 



This week has been a creative one as we've been busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen and finishing painting our Sikh Gurdwaras in RE. 


On Thursday we worked in groups to finish painting our Gurdwaras, we used bright and shiny paints to make them look ornate like the real buildings. Then we added detail in with finer brushes. 

On Friday we transported ourselves back to WWII and attempted some wartime baking. We looked at the types of recipes they used during the war to help create food when it was rationed. We then made carrot cookies using a wartime recipe. Carrots were used to make them sweeter as there was so little sugar in a weekly ration. 




This week we have been getting arty in R.E. We have been studying Sikhism and learning all about the Sikh religion. One of the most important buildings for the Sikhs is the Gurdwara, which is their holy temple where they worship. First, we designed our Gurdwara, making sure it had all the key features included and then we worked in small groups to create a 3D version of our design out of clay. 



To celebrate Remembrance Day this week we had a special wartime visitor who told us all about her family history and their roles in the war. We had lots of fun listening to her stories and getting the opportunity to dress up and play different parts ourselves. 



This week has been a busy one in Hogwarts!


First we took part in silent debates on Monday - arguing who was most affected by evacuation. Was it children, parents, or the villagers where evacuees stayed? We were really good at thinking of counter arguments and later in the week we used these to stage our own debate between the classes. 

In Art we've been busy constructing miniature gardens with Anderson shelters inside them as part of our WWII topic. We were given a blank box each and had to work in teams to construct our own garden. There were lots of brilliant ideas of how to make the Anderson shelters and a few vegetable patches here and there too!

On Friday we celebrated French day. We started the day learning about French food and doing some taste testing. Camembert was a bit yucky, but crépes were a big hit! We also enjoyed the croissants and quiche! 


We looked at the work of French artist, Robert Delaunay and how he used warm and cool colours, then recreated our own piece using similar shapes. 


Then we enjoyed playing some French games to improve our French vocabulary. We drew out hopscotch and practised our numbers and played some games of "orange, pomme" - the French equivalent of duck, duck goose. 





This week in PSHE we had lots of fun building bridges to test our friendship and teamwork skills. we were only given newspaper, sellotape and glue and we had to see whose bridge could hold the most weight. Well done to Zach and Scarlett who were our winners!



This week we have been busy finishing off our art display for the hall as part of our whole school art project. We have been studying Anni Albers, who was a textile artist. However, our challenge was to recreate her work without using textiles! So this week we got out the printing inks and made our own printing squares to recreate one of her famous designs. We decided it looks a little bit like a maze, and put our printing squares together to create a team maze for display. 



This week we enjoyed inviting our adults in to help us create some Art work for our Anni Albers display in the hall. We look at Op Art and how to create optical illusions just by drawing lines and different patterns. A big thank you to all the adults who came to help - they look great. 

We have also been busy getting some exercise as part of our science experiment. After looking at how the heart worked we wanted to find out how exercise affected our heart rate. We decided to test out a range of exercises to see how they affected our pulse rate - it was hard work keeping them up for a minute!



In English we have been busy studying poetry this week. We have been looking at different war poems and how they use figurative language using SHAMPOO to help us remember. 

S - Symbolism

H - Hyperbole

A - Alliteration

M - Metaphor/Simile

P - Personification

O - Onomatopoeia

O - Oxymoron


We then explored the Japanese poems Haikus and wrote our own about the war. 


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In French this week we have been busy learning greetings and how to say our name. 

We learnt the song "Deux Petit Ouiseaux" which you may recognise from an English nursery rhyme and made finger puppets to help tell the tale.


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Transition Week


During transition week we explored the book "The Arrival" by Shaun Tan.  The book is filled with black and white pictures retelling a man's story as he escapes a city invaded by monsters in search of a new life. 


As a class we came up with some brilliant inferences using the pictures in the book. There were lots of brilliant ideas about what these monsters could represent, including war, natural disasters, poverty and evil people. Lots of us thought that the man could be a doctor or a detective because of his suitcase and long jacket. 


We wrote fantastic letters imagining that we were the man escaping, writing emotional messages to our wife and child at home. We also created our own version of Shaun Tan's impressive landscapes.