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Welcome to Gondor!


Our teacher is Mr Chapman and we are supported by Mrs Johnstone.

Swimming will be every Wednesday morning. Ensure that your child's clothes are clearly labeled and they do not have their earrings in.

P.E will also be on Thursday.


Our trip to Keswick is on Tuesday 29th October 2019. 


In the autumn term, we shall be learning about the transition from Stone Age to Iron Age.  We will learn about a typical Stone Age day to learn all about how humans survived in the Stone Age and how life was different then to what it is now.



Listed below are some websites which can help you in your learning. Enjoy taking part in these activities when you are at home and continuing your learning outside of school. Continue to check the website on a regular basis as it will be regularly updated with new items added.


The Year 3 team are always available and happy to discuss any queries you may have. We look forward to an exciting year ahead! 

Keswick trip 2019

Keswick trip 2019 1
Keswick trip 2019 2
Keswick trip 2019 3
Keswick trip 2019 4
Keswick trip 2019 5
Keswick trip 2019 6
Keswick trip 2019 7
Keswick trip 2019 8

Exploring place value.

Exploring place value. 1
Exploring place value. 2
Exploring place value. 3
Exploring place value. 4
Exploring place value. 5
Exploring place value. 6
Exploring place value. 7
Exploring place value. 8
Exploring place value. 9
Exploring place value. 10
Exploring place value. 11

Finding 1,10 and 100 more.

Finding 1,10 and 100 more. 1
Finding 1,10 and 100 more. 2
Finding 1,10 and 100 more. 3
Finding 1,10 and 100 more. 4
Finding 1,10 and 100 more. 5

Stay and Read

Stay and Read 1
Stay and Read 2
Stay and Read 3

Art Week

Art Week 1
Art Week 2
Art Week 3
Art Week 4
Art Week 5
Art Week 6
Art Week 7
Art Week 8
Art Week 9
Art Week 10
Art Week 11