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General Information

Our Curriculum.



At Upperby Primary School we see every child as a unique individual with capacity to thrive and be successful.  Our rationale is to deliver a challenging curriculum that builds on prior knowledge and develops cultural capital.  A curriculum that is rich in written and spoken language, develops critical thinking, deepens understanding and enables children to develop positive attitudes to learning which encourages them to aspire to achieve highly.  By the time our Year 6 children leave they are secondary ready and have the foundation to develop into happy, successful and responsible citizens in the future.

To support our learning we have a series of curriculum drivers:

  • Have high aspirations
  • Respect ourselves and the whole school community
  • Develop effective listening and communication skills
  • Develop emotional and physical well-being.

High aspirations

Our core principles of the curriculum will enable more children to strive to be key contributors to the community they belong to, becoming more positive, responsible and resilient adults in the future.  Encouraging self-belief, so children have ownership of their education, we will seize opportunities to identify talents and share strengths to develop wider skills.   We provide opportunities to influence pupils’ aspirations through visits and visitors to school, encouraging our children to explore different job possibilities and connect to the wider world.

Respect for ourselves and the whole school community

Respect for all is pivotal to our curriculum, educating our children to be tolerant and valued members of the community.  While we recognise that our school is not culturally diverse, our curriculum supports our children to develop their own set of values and challenge negative opinions and actions, recognising diversity, respecting other’s viewpoints and developing tolerance of others outside of their community.

Develop effective listening and communication skills

Our passion to develop a love of language weaves through our curriculum.  We recognise that children starting in our school may not have a rich and varied vocabulary.  Developing listening and communication skills are central to all subjects, alongside providing a rich vocabulary woven through the wider curriculum.   From Reception and Nursery we strive to ensure our children have the vocabulary to feel confident sharing their thoughts, feelings and emotions.  

Develop emotional and physical wellbeing

Our curriculum endeavours to tackle current affairs related to online safeguarding, emotional wellbeing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a variety of formats, ranging from Phunky Foods to Kidsafe.  Through the curriculum, we encourage pupils to develop healthy habits that will enable them to make positive decisions within the challenges of their community, such as plentiful access to fast food.  Our curriculum will continue to ensure our children have access to a variety of activities that will develop both their physical strength, mental health and self -esteem.




Topics covered this year.



Year group






My World

How have toys changed since the 1960’s?

Beyond by my world

What does it take to be a great explorer?

What a wonderful world!




Discover Cumbria

Why is the history of my locality important?

Discover Britain


Discover the World

What does it take to be a great explorer? (compare and contrast explorers)



What is the secret of the standing stones? /Why do some Earthquakes cause more damage than others?

What is the secret of the Pyramids?

Beyond the Colosseum: What is Italy like?/ How did the arrival of the Romans change Britain?



How has Carlisle changed? /Why do so many people live in megacities

What did the Vikings want in Britain? /How did Invaders impact Britain? (Vikings and Saxons)

Why are jungles so wet and Deserts so dry?

How do animals survive in extreme climates?



Megastructures/ What impact did the Greeks have on modern society?

What was the impact of Victorian engineering on and inventions on modern life?

How has Keswick changed and what is the impact of the National Park?

Why are mountains important?



How did the Battle of Britain change the course of World war two?

How did impressionism change our view of the arts in the 19th Century?

What is a river?

How do Volcanoes affect the lives of people in Hiemaey? What was the impact of the Mayans on South America?