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      Welcome to Eternia Class
Our teacher is Mr Dixon and our teaching assistant is Mrs Alderson. We are Year 5.


The children will be studying the following topics:         


Spring Term:

What is the impact of Victorian inventions and engineering on modern day life?Image result for victorian inventions


Summer Term

How has Keswick changed over the years and what is the impact of the National Park?

Related image

Autumn Term:

Megastructures and what impact did the Greeks have on modern society?

Image result for burj khalifa


Autumn Term:

Earth, the other planets and Space.

Incorporating Literacy work on researching and writing fact files about planets.


Investigative science exploring the impact of gravity, friction, air and wind resistance through blu-tack torpedoes and parachutes. Incorporating Literacy work on using passive verb structures to create formal writing.

Spring Term:

Properties and Changes (of materials)

Investigative science researching thermal and electrical conductivity, reversible and irreversible changes and methods of mixing and separating materials.

Summer Term:

Animals, including humans.

Discovering the changes that occur as animals grow.

Living things and their habitats

Investigating life cycles and reproduction.

Space School- Earth

A fragile blue marble floating through space, Earth may seem small, but is unlike any planet ever discovered. Home to millions of species, including humans, the Earth remains a complex and fragile planet, unique in almost every way.

Space School - The Moon

How much do you know about Earths only natural satellite?

Investigating air and water resistance | Physics - The Bloodhound Adventure

Primary school children investigate which shapes travel fastest through water, to understand what is the best design for the Bloodhound SSC (SuperSonic Car). Subscribe for more Physics clips from BBC Teach every Wednesday when we have them in: If you found this video helpful, give it a like.

Tuesday's chess in Year 5 with Mr Lydon

A fun day in Eternia celebrating Children in Need

On 13th November 2018 we had a judo taster session led by British and Commonwealth medalist Glynn Figeon. We had a great experience learning some basic moves.

Pyjama Day

Matt Lee Team GB Decathlon Athlete

World Book Day 2019