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Emerald City

Welcome to Year 2 Emerald City Class!

Our teacher is Mrs Lawson. Our teaching assistant is Miss Horsfield.



Reminder: We have sent out some half term homework which you hopefully got a letter about! We would like the children to do some research into the past and what life was like when their grandparents were children. If they don't have an opportunity to speak to a grandparent, they can research on the internet or they can speak to you, a family friend or any family member that will have different experience to them growing up. They can ask and find out about toys, games, clothes, food, hobbies, transport, electronics etc... and how they are different to their now. They can bring in photos, items, questions, answers...whatever they can find! We will show what we have found out the first week back.


Thank you very much!

We've been making our own Great Fire of London houses in D&T out of boxes and paper!

We made our own fat balls for our science investigation on birds

Some pictures from our stay and play making our Great Fire of London jars!

We are star bakers in Emerald City!

We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London in Year 2. We found out that it started in Thomas Farriner's bakery in 1666 so we were inspired to make our own bread! We had to make a plan, follow instructions and choose our own extra ingredients. We may have been sore from all the kneading but they were so scrummy that it was worth it!

Look what one of our Emerald City pupils found at her Grandma's house! A rare Great Fire of London £2 coin!

Burns Night in Emerald City!

Our topic is 'Discover the UK' now so we tried haggis, neeps and tatties in class, learned about Robert Burns and listened to traditional Scottish music!

We have loved practicing racket, ball and balancing skills in P.E!

Our chocolate science experiment!

We tested materials to see which would make the most soft and comfortable landing for Santa when he goes down the chimney. We decided to use chocolate Santas to see which materials kept Santa unbroken and used a ruler to keep it fair. We found that the bubble wrap was the most suitable. 

Our trip to Penrith and Brougham Castle!

We have been looking at different castles in Cumbria and learning the features of a castle. We are very excited for our trip to Brougham and Penrith Castle on the 30th Of October!

Penrith Castle and Brougham Castle

We have loved the story 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl so much, that we had a George's Marvellous Medicine day! We had to find what the mystery liquid was in the bottle that blew up the balloon by fizzing and creating a gas. We tested six different liquids with bicarbonate of soda to find which liquids reacted! 


We found out that vinegar and lemon juice reacted the most!

Our mystery liquid investigation

George's Marvellous Medicine Stay and Play (designing bottles)



We have PE on a Wednesday with Mrs Breese.

Children will need to have their PE kits in school each day in case of any timetable changes.


               Our topic this Autumn term is, 'Discover Cumbria' 

The children have been very excited and involved in looking at Carlisle's main features and landmarks.We are beginning with looking at some of the features of Carlisle. We investigated the question of...Why was Dixon's Chimney built? 


Image result for dixon's chimney




Numicon exploring in Emerald City.

Our favourite class websites...

In Emerald City we love to use different websites to extend our learning and understanding of key concepts and skills. Here are some of our favourite sites...


2018 Key Stage 1 tests

This 6-minute video provides information for parents about the Key Stage 1 tests, including the optional Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test. A downloadable version is available for schools: A separate video is available for schools not using the GPS test: