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Design Technology

     Our D&T subject leader is Mrs Lawson

Design and Technology



At Upperby Primary School we want our children to love Design and Technology and grow up wanting to be architects, graphic designers, chefs or carpenters.  Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject.  We want our pupils to learn how to take risks, become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.



The design technology curriculum has been carefully crafted so that our pupils progressively develop their skills and understanding through school.  Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.  To enhance our food technology we work with Phunky foods, developing a deeper understanding of a healthy lifestyle.  While they acquire a broad range of subject knowledge, they also draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art.   We want our children to remember their DT lessons in our school and embrace the DT opportunities they are presented with.



The assessment grid for each year group have been carefully mapped out.  Skills and understanding in Design Technology  are progressive and build year on year.   Assessment information is used to inform further curriculum developments and provision is adapted accordingly.  The subject leader monitors assessments and provides support for staff to ensure continued progress.


Long Term Planned Projects Year 1 to 6

Each Year group completes their D&T project every second half term

Year 4 Lego Club! Mrs Breese has been running our Year 4 Lego after school club. The children have been designing and building their creations in groups out of Lego! Look at some of the marble runs that they constructed!

Year 4 explored clay and used different techniques to create Viking broaches for their project.

Year 3 made superb hand puppets and finished rod puppets for their D&T project, linked with their trip to the puppet theatre!

Moonbeams (Reception Year 1) Science/D&T weather gauges and wind socks!

Making strong, secure bridges in Year 2 (an independent project in teams)

Our Year 5 Phunky Food ambassadors led a healthy snacks message with our Phunky Food lead. They made smoothies and practiced their cutting skills.

Look at Neverland's (Year 1) amazing Easter eggs that they designed, sewed, stuffed and decorated! They made sure to practice their running stitch before they started too!

Moonbeams, our mixed Reception Year 1 class have been designing, joining and decorating their own fabric Easter eggs

Year 6 designed, practiced, sewed and sold their beautiful stuffed Christmas ornaments at the Winter Fair.

Neverland (Year 1) made split pin Santas and explored mechanisms.

Moonbeams (Mixed Reception Year 1) designed, made and sold split pin Santas for the Winter fair.

Year 2 Christmas cards with slider mechanisms!

Neverland (Yr 1) designed and constructed strong houses using cardboard boxes. They then peer evaluated each others creations.

Science/D&T Week! Year 2 designed and made their own bird feeders for their Science investigation!

Year 6 have been busy making their own car that have a crash car alarm, they used their electricity knowledge from Science to help them!

Look at the amazing examples of our D&T sketchbooks! Year 1 have a shared, class sketchbook and Year 2-6 have their own, individual ones.

Look our our D&T display board to celebrate our learning and skills. Year 1 and 6 are on display at the moment!

Year 6 Design and Technology: Sewing and Making a fabric poppy for a wreath for Remembrance Day and sewing a Christmas Tree decoration for sale using a range of sewing technqiues!

We had a WHOLE school live cooking session from our Phunky Food representative, Gill! This was in link with the Year 4 ambassador's message of the importance of a healthy lunch. Every class in school (from Nursery to Year 6) were cooking along and lots of children at home joined in, to make some delicious and nutritious tuna couscous! We used some key skills such as chopping, peeling, grating, zesting and mixing!

Year 5 Design and Technology: Design and making a picture frame for a gift using wood and tools to make it strong and secure. Also, some Eiffel Tower building for French Day and some lovely wooden dragon crafts.

Year 4 Design and Technology: Designing and sewing Christmas stockings for a Christmas gift! Also, some great Eiffel Tower construction and baking for French Day!

Year 3 Design and Technology: Making a pop up book with a range of mechanisms, such as sliders, levers, pivots and flaps. Also, some great Eiffel Tower construction for French Day!

It's lovely to see skills being worked on at home, in their own time in Year 3 for their pop up books!

Year 2 Design and Technology: Making a Christmas card with a movable, slider mechanism

It's lovely to see some skills being practiced at home after Year 2's slider mechanism project, to improve skills and test himself!

Year 1 Design and Technology Project: Selecting materials to make a house for the 3 Little Pigs that is strong and can stand up to a test. Also, independent Lego house construction for the 3 Little Pigs!

Reception D&T: Baking, rocket junk modelling, Eiffel Tower building and Lego construction for French Day!

While learning about London, Year 2 designed and made their own Tower Bridge structures! They chose materials they thought were strong, sturdy and could join together. Some even made their bridges move up and down!

Year 1 have been busy creating their own moving Chinese New Year dragons using split pins! Can you spot how many split pins she used?

Year 5 designed and made their own moving toys! Can you spot how they managed to make their toys either spin around or go up and down?

Year 1 went on a fantastic trip to Tullie House to see the 'Toy Automata workshop'. They investigated moving toys and even designed and made their own!

The Year 2 children have been designing and making their very own purses by selecting materials, joining them and decorating them. They even made the purses fasten!

We are star bakers in Year 2!

In year 2 we have been learning about how the Great Fire of London started in Thomas Farriner's bakery in 1666. We were inspired to make our own bread!

January 2019 

Year 1 Raft Building Challenge

Year 1 were given the challenge to design and build a raft to transport the Three Billy Goats Gruff across the river using only straws and pipe cleaners. To be successful the raft had to hold one goat weighing 10g for 10 seconds. Check out the full challenge and results on the Neverland class page! 

I was so impressed with this Year 3 student, who had designed and made her own bow and arrow out of a stick that she had cut to size, and rubber band from home. Well done! 

We have an amazing designer in school!

Look at our dragon eggs! We designed and made our own dragon eggs to link with the story, 'The dragon snatcher' by M. P Robertson