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Children's University

Hours at Home

You have all worked so hard to collect hours towards Children's University awards do not let the current school closure to stop you now! 

I will continue to award hours for activities completed outside of directed tasks set by your teachers - school work will not count


Please remember that the Children's University is about your own directed learning - activities you log must have an objective and learning taking place.

Activities should be supporting you to learn something new or to develop an existing skill. 

❤️ THANK YOU! ❤️

I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you who have sent in photographs, drawings and evidence of the activities you have been completing at home. I really do love seeing all of the exciting things you are getting up to, so keep up the good work! ❤️



Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a good week. Thank you to everyone who emailed their additional hours achieved at home - well done! As you may have already realised unfortunately  due to our current circumstances we are not able to hold our graduation at the Cathedral as normal this summer term. I am in contact with the college and I know they are working very hard behind the scenes to put some sort of celebration in place as soon as it is safe to do so. I have attended the graduation ceremony for a few years now and it is always a wonderful day for all of our families so I know how disappointing this is for everyone. I know this is particularly disappointing for those of you in year 6 who have worked so hard for many years to collect the amazing total of hours you have. You will still receive your certificates and we will find some way of celebrating your achievements. 

Challenge 12


At this point in the year we would normally be outside enjoying our annual sports day. So over the weekend why not have a go at planning and organising your own sports day or sports challenge! We have been planning a Henry family sports day this week, so far we have an egg and spoon race, a skipping race and an obstacle course. A scooter race and trampoline challenge was also suggested so we will just have to see how energetic Miss Henry is feeling at the weekend! You could make posters for your event and make some medals or stickers for the winners.
I am aware that some of you might have been asked to do this already by your class teachers but I will allow you to count your hours for this activity. 


Challenge 11

Oak National Academy is providing free online lessons during the school closure. There are a range of lessons available for all age groups, there are even activity clubs! 
This link will take you to the cookery club. Perhaps you would like to learn how to make beef burgers, cheese and sweetcorn pancakes or homemade nachos! 

Challenge 10


Hello everyone! Please remember to send some photographs or a short email to the home learning email address, I would love to see what you are getting up to at home! 

Challenge 9


Good morning everyone! I hope you have had a great half term, I am sure you will have taken part in lots of activities that will earn you extra hours in your passport.


This week I would like you all to ask a grown up to help you to send me an email to the home learning address.

In your email I would like you to tell me about some of the activities you have taken part in to earn hours for your Children's University passport.

Tell me a bit about your favourite activity, what you have learnt and what are you planning on doing next?

I would love to hear from you!

Grown ups Challenge!


I have a small request for the grown ups as well this week! I would love to know how the children are getting on recording their hours during the school closure. Please could I ask you to count up the hours your child has recorded since I last checked their passport and email the total to the home learning email address, ask for it to be forwarded to me. 

You will see that I date and draw a line under the last time I checked the passport. This means that I have their over all total logged up to this point so only count the hours that come after this point.

Thank you!

Challenge 8


Hello everyone, how are you all this week? I hope everyone is well and making the most of this lovely weather we have! So, has anyone tried anything new this week? Perhaps you have tried to learn a new skill, taken a dance class or baked something delicious for your family. If you have I would love to see any photo's you have, just ask a grown up to email them to the home learning email address. 


This week I would like you all to head over to the Science Sparks website.

Here you will find an incredible amount of amazing science experiments and investigations you can do at home. Most of the experiments use items you may already have at home or a grown can pick up at the supermarket. Harry Potter fans will enjoy making a Golden Snitch catapult or maybe you would like to make a working lung model using a plastic bottle and balloons. There are experiments and investigations to suit every age group. 

I have to say my favourite is the Candy Experiments section - although I would probably end up eating all of the sweets! You may recognise some of these experiments if you have been in one of my classes or after school clubs. 


 Challenge 7

🇬🇧 VE Day 🇬🇧

Have you made any special preparations for this Fridays VE Day? Perhaps you have made some bunting to hang or planned a picnic lunch to share with your family? 

There are lots of ways to record your activities, you can take photographs or videos, draw a picture and write about it, make a poster or a fact file about VE Day. 

Don't forget to email your photographs to the homework email address. 

CU Newsletter


Some more great ideas to keep you earning those hours!


Challenge 6

Photography Challenge

Photographs are a great way of documenting our everyday life and right now when we are all coming up with new ways to spend our days why not document it with a photo collage.

If you do not have a camera at home you could use a tablet or mobile phone - with permission if it belongs to one of your grown ups. Take photographs of things you see when you are out for your daily exercise, funny moments with your family, you could ask your grown up to take photographs of you when you are not looking - sometimes the best pictures are when we are not posing for the camera.

Try to build up a collection of photographs to display in a picture collage, we can print them out when we are back in school.


Here is a sneak peek at some of my favourite family photo's so far...

Challenge 5


Did you know you can boost your hours by writing a book report? 

Simply write a report about a book you have enjoyed and log the time it has taken you to write it. 

If you are not sure where to start you can find lots of templates online - here are some examples. 

Challenge 4


Hello! Apologies for the late post this week.

As we are at the end of the week I have a nice easy task for you. If you have not already accessed the Children's University website this is your next challenge.

1. Go to

2. Click on the Get Involved tab on the top

3. Then Activities to do at home

Here you will find drop down tabs with lists of activities you can complete at home! 


*As always when using the internet I do advise that you have an adult present - grown ups you might want to have a look through the activities first to make sure they are suitable for your child. 

Here are three of my favourites.

Take a tour of The Natural History Museum in London.

I have been here with my children and it is an incredible place, definitely worth a look! 

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems - you might know him as the author and illustrator of the Pigeon story books.

If you have been in my class you should recognise the Pigeon! 

Take a tour of The Houses of Parliament! 

You could do some research on who works in The Houses of Parliament and what they do. 

Challenge 3


🇫🇷 Bonjour! 🇫🇷


This week's challenge is to polish up on your French! 

Can you introduce yourself and say where you live?

Can you count to 10 or even 20?

How would you order your favourite meal in a cafe? 


You will find lots of resources online to support you in your learning. 

YouTube kids and BBC Bitesize have lots of good videos, songs and dances! 


Remember to to stay safe online! 


Challenge 2

🎨 Henri Matisse 🎨

This week I would like you to use the Tate Kids website to find out about the art work of

Henri Matisse.

Then I would like you to have a go at creating your own Matisse inspired artwork. You could cut out coloured papers, colour in plain paper and then cut out, you could even use chalks on the driveway if that's what you have at home! Just have fun and try something new! 

To get you started here are some ideas of activities you can complete - we have already tried some of these in my house!

Please try to document your activities, for example, take photographs, videos, make a fact sheet or write a book report.

If using online resources such as YouTube - it is recommended you have an adult present, please remember to stay safe online!


- Gymnastics - if you have space why not practice your gymnastic routines at home or in your garden if it is safe to do so. Is there a particular skill you need to work on?


- Dance - Lots of dance schools are posting videos of dance routines online -

CDA have posted theirs this week! 

If you do not attend dance classes why not try something new, lots of professional dancers are putting dance classes online. 


- Music - do you have an instrument you can practice at home?


- Sports - Is there is a taekwondo or football skill you can practice safely at home?


- Reading - there are so many activities you can complete around reading - write a book report, draw a picture of your favourite part, put on a play with your family members or make puppets of the characters. 


- Science - there are lots of websites that can give you ideas for experiments to do at home. 

*We have planted some seeds at home this week so that we can watch them grow and hopefully have some vegetables at the end!


- Virtual tours - Why not take a trip around a museum or art gallery online?

*Yesterday we took a live trip around a WW2 bunker in Liverpool! 




If you would like to share your photographs on this website page please email them to - for the attention of Miss Henry.