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Year 3 and 4 spellings to practice

Welcome to Atlantis.


Mrs Breese and Miss Johnson work in this class.



RE: Year 4 York Residential Trip, March 2020


We would like to inform you that Year 4 will be given to chance to go on a 2 night residential trip to York from Wednesday 4th March until Friday 6th March 2020.


During this trip the children will visit various exciting attractions around the city including Jorvik Viking Centre, York Castle, National Railway Museum and York Minster.


Children will stay in full-board accommodation in the centre of York at a specially selected hotel, which has been specifically designed for groups. All food and travel will be included in the total cost of the trip. Please be reassured that the children will be closely supervised by experienced members of staff.


The total cost of this trip is £220, which can be paid online via the scopay system. Please note that this has been subsidised by school. In order to secure a place we will require a £40 non-refundable deposit by Friday 18th October. If you receive Pupil Premium, you may be able to apply for a £50 discount.


Please note – the school is booking through a travel company and must pay specific payments at set dates. Once the place is booked we are committed to pay for this place and therefore no cancellations can be made after Friday 1st November 2019 without incurring the full cost of the trip. This residential trip is limited to 30 places and will be first come first serve.


If you have any questions, or have any issues, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of Year 4 staff who will be happy to help.

Thanks to our workshop with author M P Robertson we drew amazing dragons!


We will be looking at writing for different purposes. We have already written a letter of resignation. This was based on a short video clip called Partly cloudy.  We then moved on to writing a newspaper report based on the events of a story called The Iron Man.

We will be looking at the story Into the Forest. I am sure we will produce more fantastic writing.

The children have worked on developing

  • Conjunctions
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Contractions
  • Direct speech
  • Pronouns
  • Apostrophes
  • Expanded nous phrases
  • Prepositions


Place Value –

  • placing numbers in the correct order
  • Roman Numerals
  • Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000
  • Counting in 25’s

Addition and subtraction

  • Adding two 4 digit numbers
  • Subtracting two 4 digit numbers with stealing
  • Addition and subtraction word problems.

Length and perimeter

  •  Kilometres
  • Perimeter on a grid
  • Perimeter of a rectangle
  • Perimeter of rectilinear shape

Multiplication and division

  • Multiply by 10 and 100
  • Divide by 10 and 100
  • Multiply by one and 0
  • Divide by one and itself


 The digestive system

  • Looking after our teeth ( egg experiment)
  • The different parts of the digestive track and their functions.
  • Food


Dance- making a sequence of movements to perform in unison with a partner.

Basketball- ball skills such as passing, moving around an obstacle and playing a short game.


Judaism –

  • Learning about the Shema and how we can learn from it.
  • What are responsibilities
  • Awe and wonder.


Our topic this half term is  North and south America. This week we will be researching life in different countries such as Canada, USA and Mexico. 





In science we are learning about the human body. We have been learning about the different types of teeth we have and how they all have different uses. We have also set up an investigation to see which liquids cause more erosion to our teeth. However, we have used hard boiled eggs. 


How many types of teeth can you name?



Which do you think will cause the most damage to our teeth- milk, water, fresh orange juice, blackcurrant squash, vinegar or Cola?


Photos to follow



Types of teeth

Today in class we have made our own model of the digestive system using different objects. We used 

Bread - food

water - saliva

Scissors- teeth chopping the food

Plastic bag- our Stomach

Coke- stomach acid

Tights- Intestines


Look at our photos. We had so much fun learning about digestion.