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Art and Design


Our Art & Design co-ordinators are 

Miss Henry and Mr Stokes 

Our New Displays

Some of our work from Art Week is now on display in the Hall and in the Key Stage 1 corridor, and it looks amazing! 

ART WEEK- September 2019


This week we have been looking at the work of three artists and the children have been re-imagining their works. Once all of our work is complete, we look forward to celebrating it with a new display in the school hall.

The artists we have studied are:


Year 5 have reinterpreted his work using paper collages and an overlay technique, to create some striking colour contrasts. Year 1 have been exploring oil pastels, and how they can be used to create similar images. 

"You have to press them quite hard" (Harley, Neverland)   

Year 4 have been recreating the lines that appear in Martin's work, using tissue paper, magazine print and even PE kits! Lilla (Atlantis) has enjoyed learning about Agnes Martin "I don't really understand it but I like it". Year 2 have been making their lines whilst learning about using different pencils to create different shades.  

Years 3 and 6 have been creating some exciting art based on Alber's work, using various techniques including print. Pictures to follow.





During this week the children will be discovering the life, works and careers of Vivienne Westwood, Damien Hirst and Sir Terrence Conran.

Uncovering Carlisle's Textile History with Prism Arts

project funded by

The National Lottery Heritage Fund


Year 4 are currently taking part in a year long project working with Prisim Arts to discover and explore Carlisle's links to textile design and manufacture. To keep up to date with their activities go to Jackie's blog - - it really is worth a look! 

I popped into the printmaking workshop today where the children were exploring markmaking and  monoprinting. It was lovely to see the children so engaged and their delight when they lifted the paper to reveal their prints! 

Art in The Early Years


Nursery children have been doing still life pictures of flowers, they really concentrate on the details!



Year 1 have been busy creating pages for their own sketchbooks. They enjoy sketchbook challenges where they are given ten minutes to create a page on a given theme. They have also been learning how shade and make light and dark marks with a pencil. 

October 2018

Art Week! 

The whole school have been working together this week to create new displays for our school hall. This term’s theme has been inspired by author Katie Pankhurst and two of her books, ‘Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World’ and ‘Fantastically Great Women Who Made History’.